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  • I'm sold.

    I am generally a very critical person able to find imperfects or flaws in just about anything. It is as much an oddity as a rarity for me to say that something is immaculate it in it's construction and execution. But yesterday, and today I feel my eyes have really been opened. This new Project Reality release is as perfect as could be. The past few days have been extremely enjoyable, aside from the modification being fantastic everyone is in just a good mood on the server and most are willing to play in the style Tactical Gamers prides themselves in. From pounding the Marines on Operation Phoenix, using hit-and-run tactics in the APC with BigGaayAl, to moving stealthily between buildings and barricades as special forces single shooting insurgents in the head from windows and tiny cracks in barriers on Al Basrah. To hiding behind a fence watching the artillery we called rain down on a MEC tank on Edoj Desert. The past few days on the server have been incredibly pleasant, with the exception of a few people who didn't read the change log and player guide, and a few tiffs between a couple of pubbies. In my opinion, Project Reality is the best thing that has happened to the Battlefield 2 engine ever. Sure maybe they use the Vanilla M-16 model, but looking beyond that, the improvements in game play are immeasurable. In the future I hope we can maintain this positive attitude I am increasingly seeing on the server and also sustain a healthy average population of team players. I think finally we have found a modification which has the right combination of game play adaptions and tactical incentives to have some real strategic and fun play.

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    Re: I'm sold.


    I was wondering how ready the mod is. Looks like it is close.

    Sam, seeing how your doing a lot of gaming, I need some feedback on the .5 maps.

    Check out my thread on such matters.

    I specifically want to know what maps would be good for a scrim.


    Glad things are going well.
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      Re: I'm sold.

      It's great to see PR start to pick up here at TG. I just checked game monitor and there are over 800+ PR players online. Now we just need to tap into that pool and teach them the TG way. Eventually we'll make TG the trademark PR server as we did with PoE2.
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        Re: I'm sold.

        First of first we should get the order in our server proper and get used to the mod before we tap into the pool as mentioned above, I do think there are still some people that can't follow general SOP, or they are too shy and new to this and want to try, but can't find the leadership or discipline, giving them reason to scatter around.

        If we can get regular people and have them follow SOP and teach them the basics of squadleading and squadmembering and EVEN COing, that would be great, since we would get our workload loosened and know that "that guy knows how to squadlead, oh that guy too" and tell them if anyone gives problems to report pronto to an admin, since I can't stand someone thinking they are so great as to beat everything alone or just have their general pubby instinct going.

        I still miss some flanking orders, In general instinct I run to flank by myselves to get the danger off my squad, yet it would be nice to get an order stating so. Maybe I just think darn quick, or I am doing something wrong


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          Re: I'm sold.

          I think map rotation is going to be key. Everyone likes variety, but I noticed the last time I played 3 or 4 maps in a row, if it weren't for an Admin the maps would have been 3 heavy assaults by the US in a row. While those maps can be fun, they can also be very futile if the US is not well commanded and coordinated leading to drawn out very frustrating lopsided victories. They just need to be spread out as most are good maps.(Al Fallujah, Hills of He*, Al Burlj(sp), Muttrah)
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