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TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

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  • TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

    1) Download from: See supporting Member General Discussion section (These are big files, ~20-100 MB, and I am told that general forum access to them may cause server overload. Another good reason to become a SM :) )

    2) Copy downloaded files to:
    \My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\demos folder

    3) Launch PR and goto community tab.

    These are the games from Feb 10 and 11. Currently, BR is off on our server due to its possible contribution to lag. We may turn it on after PR server-side patch which is expected to resolve lag issues.

    It is as much fun as playing to watch these recordings. You will see many skilled TG regulars/public players and top notch squad maneuvers and tactics. Dirtyboy, Root, Acid, Mosely, Coridon, Grunt, Aculle, E-Male, BigGaayAl, Khan, Beatnik, Santa and many others. Watch their funky adventures. If you played PR on TG (on specified dates), you are also in these recordings !

    Also remember that BRs are great for recording movies or taking shots. Launch your FRAPS and share your camera work ;)
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    Re: TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

    Link updated.

    If you are not a SM, played on Feb 10 and 11 and want to watch these recordings you can access the links from your in-game community tab. Some of those will not work and the link I provided was a better way of getting what you want. Plus, if you werent in game, external download is the only way to watch recordings.


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      Re: TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

      Great I am going to watch one of these right now.

      *edit* Ah apparently I am too late already, no games appeared in the community tab. I think these get deleted or moved after a day or so right?


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        Re: TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

        Is it possible after the latest server side patch to run battlerecorder on the PR server regularly?

        I really would like to get some current footage and play around with it. Most distinct advantages over recording first person fraps: in-game sounds (except VOIP) and free camera.
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          Re: TG Presents PR v0.5 Battlerecorder Files

          BFRecorder was turned back on last Saturday night. You should see those files available online.
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