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  • Thank You!

    Thank you to all teh Squads and Squad Leaders that helped me my first time Commanding.

    WE succussfully defeated the Brits and the US in Al Jabal Burj(donno if spelt right) and in Ghost Train. Amazing work guys. The wins were large to boot!

    Squads remained together and followed orders perfectly. We had squads defending Dam and Bridge while two others attacked West and East Beach.

    The US attacked about three times at Dam where I sent two squads to help out, after the US captured it for a short time, Squads 3 and 4 regrouped and successfully took it back and held on to win the round.

    Ghost Train went much smoother for us, two squads moved accross rope bridge and slowly made their way to temple as two others took South and North bridge quickly. After S&N were taken, Squads 2 and 4 moved in, took and held Temple, while I had a couple squads move in on Tunnel.

    Over all Amazing work guys and Thank you so much for helping me out with two Wins my first time Commanding.


    PS: my ingame name is the same as Forums.

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    Re: Thank You!

    Awesome job Commanding there Agnew. As a squad member I heard nothing but great things coming to us from our SL about how well you were commanding. Hope to see you in the CO chair more often! :D
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      Re: Thank You!

      I WAS THERE! and it was one of the best rounds i have had for many weeks.

      Congrats, our SL siad you were doing a Grand job!

      Our squad was defending the dam and it was a thousand times for intense than when i played dam in the tourney on the same map.

      Boths sides fought valentaly and congrats to the US for fighting so hard aswell, without your commitement and sacrafise on the 7.62mm takeage front, the game woudl have been nothing!

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        Re: Thank You!

        Welcome J and thanks for stepping up to CO!! :icon14:

        Originally posted by Top Cat AJA View Post
        without your commitement and sacrafise on the 7.62mm takeage front, the game woudl have been nothing!


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          Re: Thank You!

          Last night was a great experience playing with you guys. TopCat, I believe you were CO for one or two maps where I was a SL. Great communication and use of assets, including ferrying squads around in the choppers. I usually am somewhat shy about being the SL, unless I have a competent CO!
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            Re: Thank You!

            I was there for Jabal this morning, Agnew. Grunt was my SL, and Bubba (this means little to you new guys) even made an appearance toting an RPG on his shoulder!

            We spent the majority of the round pushing and shoving back and forth at the Dam. Good times!

            Agnew, hope to see you more in the COs chair this weekend and thereafter...


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              Re: Thank You!

              Agnew played in my squad Sat. afternoon and was an asset as a squad member as well. Hope to see you at TG more often, man. +rep and keep posting!

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                Re: Thank You!

                Agnew, you've been a solid squad member each time you've served with me. Great having you around.
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                  Re: Thank You!

                  GJ, I was playing with you the other night. Several maps went nice and smooth due to good commanding. It was hard, but we listened to the SL's even when we wanted to join the fight. I was with 4 defending temple. Had so much safe time that i made a mine field for fun. The one time the enemy broke past north bridge they drove right into their doom just a few meters from temple. I spent much time laughing. You know they were thinking--- yes, we finally broke through, lets get a RP down quick quick ^boom^.

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