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I'm having withdrawals

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  • I'm having withdrawals

    I had such a great time last night with 1stMIP and other TG squad members that I was hoping to pull a double-shot again tonight. Imagine my disappointment when my power supply failed as soon as I rebooted Windows (I use Linux as my primary OS) last night!

    So now I'm just cruising the forums, trying to fight off the shakes and cursing a failing PSU. On a positive note, I had such a good time losing last night that I've decided to definitely become a contributor.

    I even had a blast on "run straight up the side of a mountain in the face of artillery and machine gun fire" (I still don't know the names of all the maps), even though artillery spamming and firing rockets into the UCB was overboard. We grabbed the top of the hill a few times but we never did manage to hold it.

    Thanks, E-Male and the rest of you guys (my apologies to the SL, I forgot your nick -- I just saw a parachute icon and knew I was looking at the right guy!)...I'd been looking for a good realism-oriented group and TG is where it's at. Thanks, guys! :)

    -=Эл Кейси=-
    За Родину!

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    Re: I'm having withdrawals

    Great to have you...

    Now deploy the purple wrench icon on your PSU and surely an engy will come running with repairs!!




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