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  • Musical interlude

    Tonight on Al Basrah for reasons unknown I started singing to myself, I think my squad should be thankful I didn't let them hear me.

    (to Down in the Boondocks)

    Up on the rooftop
    up on the rooftop
    Yankees put me down coz
    that's the part of town I snipe from
    I shot him
    He didn't see
    Now he thinks he can report me
    Allah have mercy on a Saudi
    up on the rooftop!
    "I am actually looking forward to watching Jon and Kate plus 8." - Dirtboy

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    Re: Musical interlude

    LMAO, Belhade. I do the same sort of stuff, but I've never been shameless enough to post it up in a forum! :D

    And it figures, the day my PC craps out you're on a roof singing songs...I have the worst luck. :P

    -=Эл Кейси=-
    За Родину!


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      Re: Musical interlude

      Hmmm...I was in your squad (briefly, as I got in to the game late)...and I was dying so often and sucking so bad I might as well have joined you with this tune...

      Way back when at the dawn of time.
      In the heart of Death Valley where the sun don't shine.
      The roughest toughest fighter ever known was made.
      From an M16 and a live grenade.
      He was a lean mean green fighting machine.
      He proudly bore the title of US Marine.

      Tonight...Marine + Goat = Goat watching spawn timer.

      Damn that Cobra!



      It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy's strength, surround them; if five times, attack them;
      if double, engage them; if equal, be able to divide them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.




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