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Need a team for PR bonus maps.

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  • Need a team for PR bonus maps.


    The idea is to take an existing map and change the mission briefing, the location/amount of CPs, vehicles (and amounts), UCBS, CPs, ammo dumps, ticket count, bleed, and other so that a current map in the map pack can have a different setting and attitude.

    So what I am talking about is still having the original map able to be played, but making a bonus edited version for the TG admins to consider for the server, and for the PR devs to look over and o.k for a later release. Due to the fact these maps are very large; each bonus map will have a different look and feel, thus preventing burnout.

    It is important that this team stick with the confines of what the PR devs wish to make happen with their mod. Not doing so will cause complete rejection of the given map.

    Here are some excellent stickys the PR devs have created with regards to what they want.

    The map I am most interested in is Al Basrah. This map is G.T.A. huge. There is so many different missions that can be created here.


    Feel to post if you would like to be part of this bonus map team and state your strengths.
    Also, feel free to post your ideas on what would make some other good bonus missions for this map or any map.

    Note: Feel free to discuss Extraction maps also.

    I have very little computer skills, so I can’t do any of the leg/hard work needed to make this happen.

    IMO I have a good feel for tactics, strategy and real world conditions. Therefore, I can help with the mission setting and mission briefing. I also, believe I have an understanding of the battlefield conditions of insurgent warfare. I also am confident I can best create a plot where each faction will showcase their strengths and weakness. Finally I look forward to showcasing these awesome PR maps so the mod can continue to excel and be enjoying to its ever growing fan base.
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    Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

    I did a little bit of mapping back for Vanilla - nothing fancy, just a few training maps and a "Black Hawk Down" scenario that I did for my clan that never saw the light of day. It's also coming up to Easter so I'd have a lot of time to kill, and wouldn't mind getting back into it - but I'd have to see how much I can remember _ I'd also be willing to work on mission settings/briefings (familiar with that sort of concise prose - worked PR for a mod a bit back).


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      Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

      Map: Al Basrah

      Code name: Siege at Al Basrah Airport
      64 player map

      PR .6

      Description: After the set-up for the siege, the second part of the battle will be very close quaters gun battles that take place inside the Airport itself.

      Unpolished mission Briefing:
      In a daring and crewsome raid on a Iraqi Police controlled airport, the insurgents have taken control and have uncharacteristically dug in and are defending their ground. A Company size Marine (or EU) unit is preparing to send a Reaction Force from the city of Al Basrah to regain control of the airport. Due to the fact that civilian personnel are in the Airport, the Reaction Force will lack heavy air and artillery support. The first intelligence reports show civilian collaborators aided the insurgents in this assault. All Civilians must be detained and not targeted. Furthermore, the insurgents are using the civilians as human shields as they move about the compound. Lastly, ever sence the raid, insurgant activity in the streets of Al Basrah have increased.



      Lots of trucks and cars with 50 cals.
      Spawn cars that respawn inside the city, but does not inside the airport.

      Reason: Due to the fact that there is no arty and air support to take down the tangos spawn points from a far, if the Corp does take them out they did it up close and personnel and honest. The spawn cars that can respawn in the city can be the reinforcements for the them if they lose enough spawn cars in the Airport. Furthermore, the spawn cars in the city will allow the tangos to set-up ambushes for the land vehicles leaving the Corp CPs. Should have assault vehicles for the tangos to use from the city to counter assault.


      Mounted machine guns can be set up in numerous locations for the tangos to put down a lot of fire on the approaching siege machine.

      Ammo dumps will be in well placed positions for the tangos to have plenty of ammo and set-up a ferocious defense. Particularly in roofed positions.

      Pick-up kits in good secure spots.


      Two lil birds
      Two lil birds with the minigun.
      Two tanks
      Three APCs
      One repair truck.
      Three heavy jeeps
      Three boats



      The Corp has their main UCB at the Palace, and out back is a Chopper pad. There is a large bubble of death that surrounds the base.
      Reason: The Palace is the H.Q. for a major Corp battalion. They have plenty of snipers, guards and inner security to protect this base. Also the city itself is relatively secure dispite the increase in activity after the raid, thus why the bubble of death is so large.
      The death timer should be fast enough to kill any jihad car before it gets close enough to destroy the two closes bridges.
      At this UCB, nearly all of the Corp’s vehicles will spawn.

      They also have a UCB at North VCP. The bubble of death is in tact here but much smaller.
      Reason, to protect the spawn site of the Corp and the APC. This is the control post of the bad asses who do not get along with the REMFs back at the Palace. Hehe.

      The tangos will not have any UCBs.



      There are actually 6 different types of CPs that must be taken in order to progress to the “rear base” of the tangos.

      It is assumed through intell that the Tangos have set-up their main base at the Airport Terminal itself where a fair amount of civilians are. For this reason, the six and final CPs is this location.

      CPs number 1.

      There are three locations the Corp must cap before progressing to the next level.

      Description: These flags will be all grey.
      Basically the reason we have these is to allow the tangos to set-up a defense while the Corp prepares for the siege. Do not worry tangos, you will not lose bleed if the Corp gets these. This is just to keep them honest and not to directly assault your AO before a minute has gone by in the match.
      Tangos, you can try to get these flags if you wish, however, most are out in the open and do not provide any tactical advantage, it would be best to try to set-up an ambush for the Corp at these locations.

      1. The village
      2. Cement bridge north of the north VCP
      3. Cement bridge on Grid F3.

      CPs number two
      Description: The Corp will need to secure the back door and front door before the siege truly begins. These flags start out as Insurgent, but once they go Corp, they cannot be switched back.

      1. Area just west of the front and main guard house in grid C-3. Very little cover here for the Corp, but essential.
      2. Buildings in D2 grid. These are located in the far east of the compound. Very open area and little cover for the tangos to defend.
      3. The large two story building in C1. This is an impressively made building. Classic Assault and room clearing will happen here.

      CPs number three
      Description: The last flags were skirmishes compared to what is next. Now the action gets really hot and more crucial. The rest of the flags can be switched based upon who is in the flag orb. (Like Facility is now).

      1. The buildings west of the guard house. This is very close to the flag east of the guardhouse.
      2. The giant airplane in the back of the airport.

      CPs number four
      Description: Similar toward the last. However, it is clear the Corp is advancing on two fronts and means to surround the Airport terminal and assault the main building. Again, these flags can switch back and forth.

      1. Second floor of the Parking garage. (Note parking garage has three levels and two stairwells, should be fun stuff.) Close quarters action indeed.
      2. Hanger at B2 or A2. Southwest of the giant Airplane.

      CPs number five
      Description: Getting closer to the last CP. Again, these flags can switch back and forth.

      1. Hanger at western C2. Just north and west of the Parking garage.
      2. In-between the buildings in the south of B2. (Near where the Amour spawns for the Corp on the regular map).

      Cp number six (tango “rear base”)
      Description: Once the Corp is able to hit this main Airport terminal, the insurgents will be bleeding. Both of the Corp assaulting elements come together here. They can take a breath while the bleed the tangos for a while. Tangos, set-up your counter assault to take pressure off your main base.
      This flag orb will be small. Also, the Corp needs to work to get this.

      1. Small flag orb somewhere on the second floor.


      Tangos will have numerous spawn cars in the City and throughout the map in order to ambush the Corp as they leave the Palace and head to the Airport.

      There will not be any flags inside the city itself that can be captured.

      The tangos strength is using the civilians as human shields. If the Corp is too gung-hoo they should lose every time. Only APC/ Tank/ lil birds rounds show up as collateral damage.

      Also, the Corp must be mechanized to have their assault element into two teams. Not doing so will allow the tangos to hold on to the separated flags in the given CPs bleeding the Corp more and more. Furthmore, this seperates the Corp and prevents their team from being too consentrated.

      As stated, the action is going to be close quaters, and suppresive fire will need to be established from builing to building.

      The tangos will need to keep good care of their spawn cars in the compound, when they die, they are done fore.

      Even though there are two large assaulting forces, the Corp should set-up various positions to keep tango reinforcements honest, the spawn cars coming form the city.

      The Corps biggest ace in the hole is the APCs and Tanks. They can punish the blank out of the tangos with suppressive and harassing fire and not get any penalties for killing civis. Clearly the tangos will need to destroy them before they get to the Airport. A good Armored team should take the long way in and not a B line.

      The lil bird transports will be crucial to the Corp when assaulting the initial set of CPs and later the Parking Garage and Main terminal. However, the tangos should have plenty of heavy guns to keep the pilots honest and daring.

      I believe things are balanced, however, it most likely is not. I took away the air from the Corp, but have the tangos fight in conditions the Corp feels pretty good about. The deciding factor will be how well each side handles the civilians. Just like how it is in real life.

      This map is really for a Special teams outfit because these are pretty hardcore tangos if they assault an Airport defended with Iraqi police forces AND stay there instead of leaving quickly when a Jarhead base is just down the round a little ways.
      I would not have a problem with Delta Force or SEAL team having jurisdiction over the situation. Can very well have them wear Marine uniforms to be somewhat clandestine. Hehe.

      The biggest flaw in this plot is, the tangos would want to negogiate and assaulting the Airport out right would be dangerous because of all the Hostages.
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        Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

        Originally posted by mingmong View Post
        I did a little bit of mapping back for Vanilla - nothing fancy, just a few training maps and a "Black Hawk Down" scenario that I did for my clan that never saw the light of day. It's also coming up to Easter so I'd have a lot of time to kill, and wouldn't mind getting back into it - but I'd have to see how much I can remember _ I'd also be willing to work on mission settings/briefings (familiar with that sort of concise prose - worked PR for a mod a bit back).

        I would like to do a Blackhawk down mission in Al Basrah mingmong, I‘ll need to post my setting soon.

        With regards to, Siege at Al Basrah Airport, we could really make this a great hostage take over map, with a Special Forces feel, like the Navy SEALs. Wait, I have a call, brb.

        50 seconds later.

        I just got of the phone with the Chief of Naval Operations. We have 48 hours to prepare a raid on a formerly Iraqi Police controlled airport, now controlled by Terrorist with many civilians and hostages in the compound. The package we must find is an Coalition diplomat. Lastly, all civilians need to be detained for questioning inside the compound. Location, Al Basrah, Iraq.

        How this will work:

        Game mode: Extraction.

        Not to sure how extraction works. I think a player from the Corp needs to go to the Airport, and put the kit on and then become a hostage.

        A SEAL team will disguises themselves as Marines and raid the compound. Not realistic, but we can’t exactly make a new wardrobe and weapons now can we?

        No CPs. That’s right, this is not about controlling positions, this is about blasting tangos, securing civilians and rescuing the package.

        I know the tangos are crapping their pants right now, right. Wait, get this. The SEAL team will not have any armored vehicles. This way, each kill the SEAL team makes will need to be with infantry rounds. So keep those civilian kits on and keep the SEALs honest.

        O.k. Rick, the biggest advantage the Spec Forces have in Real life is the element of surprise. How are you going to set this up? You can’t make the map at night. When the round starts, the tangos know they are about to be assaulted, so two of the SEALs biggest advantages, darkness, and surprise are gone.

        Here is the answer.

        We will have spawn points just inside Compound and all around it. I am talking like 40 spawn points total. Each one allows a special kit to be picked up. Also, they will have a UCB at the Palace with a large bubble of death where the hostage will need to be taken. This will set things up so during the night the SEALs somehow got in real close and are about to start the raid. Due to diplomatic garbage, the raid was delayed, and now it is day time. This will allow the tangos virtually no time to set-up a defense, thus making things chaotic for them.

        Wait, wait, a second. What about the hostage? They will need to get the kit, this can take time. Tangos can get ready then, right?

        Good question. Each game depends on how each team handles the hostage. On a random pub server the guy would get killed before he gets to the special kit. The 10 year old kid eating his happy meal would think it would be funny or the right thing to do.

        Right, so the game starts, the person who is going to play the role of hostage, spawns in, runs over to where the kit is (someplace in the middle of the compound mind you). When the SEALs see that his kit has changed by pressing the tab button, thinks can start up.

        Whoa, whoa, whoa, Rick, you expect 64 players to wait until the person who is going to play the hostage runs over and gets his kit and then the game starts? Please, the guys playing the SEALs will spawn in and just go in with him, let him get the kit then escort him out. Also, the hostage can just type to his team or be in a squad and ruin everything.
        Also, the hostage could just run away from the tangos and not listen to them. Your asking a lot out of the players, many of which have ADD. Maybe you should just retire again and play Armed Assault.

        Granted, this concept will not work on 90% of the server, but extraction is dicey anyway.
        Good point about the communications. This would be considered bad form, and good players will teal them to stop. Also, the hostage should go where the tangos tell him to go. If the tango who is assigned to the hostage uses the commo rose and says, “follow me” they had best follow.
        Scrim tip: On a scrim, have a teamspeak channel for the hostage and the person/s guarding him/her will be able to communicate better.

        O.k. the game starts, all the tangos spawn in, the hostage, and the SEAL CO. It would be bad form for the SEALs to just follow in behind the hostage, hopefully TG has enough player base not to do this. The faster the hostage gets his kit, the faster the SEALs can get to work and the less the tangos will be ready for them.

        What the Commander of the SEAL team should do is take a look at the zoom function while the hostage is getting his/her kit. This will allow the SEALs to spawn bomb on a location the tangos are not in and begin the raid.

        O.k. will the SEALs have any vehicles at all?
        Be nice if they could have a good four or five of those motorcycles. Also, be cool if they had a few of those fast light jeeps. I know the devs do not like these light jeeps, but it fits the mold of the Spec Ops and the mission. These should spawn at various spots outside the compound.

        Oh, and for good measure, the SEALs will have a lil bird and a Blackhawk spawn in 30 minutes after the battle starts, back at the Palace. No worries, the bubble of death will kill any tango who is playing for keeps and does not understand that they would get no where close to a such expensive equipment in a Collation controlled base.

        Question? Will the tangos have spawn cars inside the City?
        Sure, the fight may continue into the city if the package somehow gets on foot there. This will also allow the tangos to ambush the SEALs package in one of the four bridges leading to the palace.

        Last question? Could the tangos just kill the hostage over and over again and actually not get punished at all and aide their team?
        Yeah, I guess they could. I guess this mission is really asking a lot out of the players to check their fire and do a little role-playing.

        Lastly, Rick. The hostage will show up as blue dot, the SEALs will know where they are at all the time. So the tangos really can't hid them now can they?


        You got me there man.
        Ric: scratches head.
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          Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

          Map: Al Basrah

          Code name: Reaction Force at Al Basrah (Bravo)
          64 player map

          PR .6

          It is sort of a Blackhawk down deal. This is an assault map for the tangos, and a Reaction Force/Defense map for the Corp.

          The setting for Bravo is that the Corp has set up a base (UCB) at the Palace. Here all the land vehicles will spawn. The Airport (UCB) is seen as well over a Kilometer way and the location of where the air support will come from, not ground vehicles. As in the current set-up all tangos will die well before getting close to the air vehicles.
          Here is the catch; there is one Corp flag (CP) in the middle of the city. This is a rally point of an ambushed platoon caravan (or maybe a chopper went down, dunno; anything realistic will do). There are no fixed weapons. Jeeps are not mobile, some still have .50 cals working but they are not going anywhere.

          The orders of the Corp is not to evacuate, but to stay and fight and await an Reaction Force. LB are heavy on Bravo, and so are gunship’s.

          If the Corp losses the central city flag, a heavy bleed will start on them. So heavy, that in no time the battle would be lost. This will assure the Corp stays with the plan and does not assault the tangos but rather defends their ground.

          The tangos start with having spawn cars on the outskirts of the city and except near Palace and of course Airport.
          There will be a buffer of grey flags (four or five) they tangos will need to capture first before assaulting the venerable Corp. This will allow the Corp to dig in and defend their ground.

          Unlike the Airport with a short death countdown timer, the UCB at the Palace will have a 15-30 second timer. This will allow some good saboteur work by the tangos before getting put down by REMFs (Nonplayable characters). This countdown timer will start once they get within 30 meters of the base. So they will have plenty of time to have some fun.

          O.k. , what’s going down at Airport. This is hardcore REMF Central. Again, only air vehicles can spawn and deploy from here. Don’t really care about the air assets there, just remember, the Jarheads at the single CP flag are going to need a lot of support because they will be attacked from all angles.

          O.k. what’s going down at the Palace. Good place for the C.O. to spawn, unless he/she wants to earn their combat infantry badge with the jarheads at the CP, hehe.
          Some A.P.C., Tanks and heavy jeeps.
          The Reaction Force itself will need to come from the Palace. This could be a nightmare for a piss weak commander because there are three choke points coming out of the Palace.

          O.k. How do we know who won, and what about bleed?
          Not too sure about the bleed, but the Corp will bleed heavily if they lose that single CP. They will need to get that back quickly or face defeat.
          So the tangos have a good chance of winning if they assault the Corp and drive them from the rally point or Blackhawk crash site. Of course they will need to punish the Reaction Force coming from the Palace to do that, AND get the buffer flags first.

          The Corp is focusing on body count. They should be cool if they keep that crash site flag up and defended and do a little fighting to meet the Reaction Force half-way. This single CP should be in a spot where the Corp can defend themselves well and use the roof tops.

          The tangos will not have tanks.

          Special Note: This would be a great design for the civilian kits. The civis can try to lore the G.I.s out and away from their CP, and throw rocks at them and stuff.
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            Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

            Bonus Map: Qwai River.
            PLA vs USMC
            Type: Extraction

            64 player map.

            Note: this can work for any new map anyone is making that involves a lot of tress and cover from above.

            Description: I would like to set things up so that there can be 6 pilots that need to be extracted. If only one can be extracted, that is cool. Would like 6 downed pilots.

            Setting: Qwai River at this point in the war is far from the Frontlines, and considered the boonies. Currently there is a Marine Recon Platoon in the Area doing… well Recon stuff. The outfit is in stealth mode so they have no vehicles.
            During the night the Platoon witnessed a plane or chopper or what ever get shot down or crashed (either or) about two klicks away. The CO called it in. During this Situational Report (Sit Rep) the officer found that the survivors where located near the banks of the Qwai River (Pilots had radios). The Platoon leader’s mission is to act as a Reactionary Force and secure the down pilots (if only one pilot kit can be coded instead of six that is cool) and get them out of there. Due to the fact they are in Indian Country, and a major Battle involving transport choppers is being fought some where’s, a chopper will not be available until sometime in the morning. Minutes after the set-rep and having his team get organized to move during the night, the CO hears enemy heavy jeeps moving into the area to conduct their own search operation.

            How it works:

            1. The setting is the most important thing about this. The Marine Recon Platoon must not have any ground vehicles. They are deep behind enemy lines. They can’t be out driving around. Giving the Corp ground vehicles is silly.

            2. In order for best replay value and to really create cat and mouse game, I would like to have numerous “Crash Site” spawn points for the 1-6 pilots. Particularly one in each of the following grids: D-1 through D-8; and E-1 through E-8. If you check out the map, you will see that everyone of these grids are on the banks (East and West) of the Qwai River. This will prevent the PLA from knowing exactly where the pilots are when the game starts. These are 16 grids in all, so I am asking for 16 “crash site” spawn points, each with 1-6 pilot kits to be picked up (that is a lot). I do not care where the crashed air vehicle is, it does not even have to be on the map as far as I care. If 16 is asking too much, 8 will do. This gives the PLA a 1 in 8 chance to pick the right spot where the downed pilots are when everyone spawns in. These odds are still good for the pilots.

            SPECIAL NOTE: I would like the PLA to be able to go to the spawn points of the pilots during their search. In the current Xtract map SOP, they will die in a matter of seconds. Sure, the PLA could camp these positions, but with numerous spawn points on initial deployment, if the PLA traveled to the spawn points to camp, they would need to camp a lot of spots. This would be folly seeing how the pilots will have a Rear Base CO looking over the satellite and letting them now where the enemy is.

            3. And what about the PLA? During the night and early morning they have begun to search the area and have two teams working their way to the River banks. One team is on the east side of the river, and the other is on the west side of the river. So, I am asking for the PLA to have numerous spawn points in grid C-1 through C-8 (west side) and F-1 through F-8 (east side). Again, these are 16 spots.

            4. What about vehicles for the PLA? This is their turf; they should have rides, right?
            Agreed. They will have heavy jeeps and some light jeeps all over the place in these spawn points. I would like at least one tank and one APC on each side of the river also. Let’s make things challenging for the Corp shall we? Hehe.
            SPECIAL NOTE: The vehicles the PLA get will not respawn if destroyed. These guys are out I the bonnies. They are not self supporting.

            5. Ok. Where will the Recon team spawn in at?
            Excellent question. The entire setting revolves around the PLA not knowing where the enemy is located. Sure they have the big ground vehicles, but they know not where anyone is. I would like it set-up so the Reaction force has the option to spawn in on either side of the river BEHIND the PLA team. The grids are: A-1 through A-8, and H-1 through H-8. Again, these are 16 spawn points. Four each side will do just fine. Each one of these spawn points should not be able to be destroyed by the PLA. Sure they can spawn camp them, but a good Platoon Leader will have a Rally Point somewhere for his crew to spawn in on so let the PLA camp them, should do little good. Each of these four- sixteen spots will allow special kit request.

            6. Ok. What about the extraction site?
            The X site will actually be in two places. Remember, the extract will be via chopper, and the US team is far behind enemy lines and out in the boonies. Such a mission requires two extraction sites Landing zones incase one is hotter than the other. Grid A-4 and H-5 will have the Extraction spot labeled on the map. Like your typical Xtract map, there will be a right large bubble of death surrounding these locations to prevent camping.

            7. What about the choppers?
            Another great question. The Corp will have two Seahawks spawn 30-50 mins into the match. One will be on the A-4 extract point and the other on H-5 extract point. Again, these choppers were not ready because they were already in use. Just make believe, that the choppers are coming from many many Klicks away.

            8. Good Lord, why that long for the Chopper to spawn in? The pilots can just walk over there.
            In such conditions, the PLA would want to get into a formation where they are spread out and over watching a lot of ground on each side of the River. If the PLA stay bunched up, then yes, pilots can make it to safety with ease. So be it. The PLA should have some safties watching their rear and somewhat camping the Xtract location. This should keep the pilots honest.
            Like wise, the Recon force will clearly need to be well managed. Two teams, one on each side. A squad watching over the X tract points on each side. A couple of heavy squads who have the option to fight to the pilots, etc.

            9. The Corp seems a little out matched, they will be on foot. Got anything to make things more balanced?
            Indeed. Any Recon force going into Indian Country without arty support would not be realistic at all. So we will give the Corp at least two arty spots, located in one of the Xtract locations. Again, make believe it is many many Klicks away.
            Also, PLA will not have arty. Make believe the Corp destroyed their fire-base some time ago.


            I hope this is an epic extraction map. One that has good pick-up and play and has excellent replay value.

            The best way to play this if you a pilot is to spawn in one of the 16 locations and move to a place and hid. Milk the clock for the chopper, and communicate with the Reaction team for best safety and to alert them of PLA around you. Be careful with spotting the enemy, they can hear you if you’re too close.

            The cool thing about the Recon Platoon is that they can spawn in at four different locations on the map. The PLA will need to worry about them and try to set up ambushes for them as well. Again, the replay value should be pretty high on this map.

            The PLA must spread out and use their heavy vehicles to their advantage. Being bunched up is garbage. The Marines will need to be on the move so, wait for them and ambush them. Hell, if you wanted to be nasty, you could set-up the chopper by not going after the pilot (if found) and using them as bait. Just like IRL.

            The major problem we are going to have is the spawn in points for the pilots. The more the better. Also, the more pilots the better. However, the problem with that is their would be a ton of kits laying around.
            Also, the PLA could take these kits if there is no bubble of dome. Maybe we will need a small bubble of doom but a really fast timer so the punk kids do not take the pilot kit. Dunno.
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              Re: Need a team for PR bonus maps.

              This could be a new type of game mode. However, it can easily be put in the category of extraction.

              Picture a large map with the surface area of say a Qwai River or bigger. Now picture this map as being 2/3rds the size of a huge rear base that has streets, concrete surfaces, buildings. Meaning there are jet hangers and Radar dishes, and U.A.V. trailers, tanks, armored vehicles, transport choppers and acid pads, and other rear support items found in various concentrated areas of the base.
              Note: The vast majority of these tanks/jets/choppers can not be used. They are being repaired in hangers and such.

              However, there will need to be a good separation from the base and where the other team will have the extraction location.

              Note: Airport has potential to be this map if there was way more hangers and area to play on. But, this is the closes thing we have now.

              The type of extraction map is one where players need to get into a vehicle and drive to the extraction point. There will be no need to have a check point, this is going to be tuff enough as is.

              Description: The British SAS (This could very well be the Russian Militia faction coming out in .6) have sneaked inside the compound and are about to initiate a two fold mission.

              Mission 1. Destroy as much of the enemies assets as possible. More below.
              Mission 2. Steal a truck loaded with plutonium or some other super secret/important material needed for a kick ass bomb.

              As you see, the unit will be broken into two details, they will need to work together to achieve success. Each team will need to have someone doing the dirty work (destroying stuff/ or stealing the VIP ride; the other will need to watch their back and support them.

              The team at the base are the defenders. Their job is simple. “Get them!”

              Once the fire works go off, the Defenders (PLA or MEC) will need to find the VIP ride and destroy it, protect their assets, and destroy the SAS/Militia.

              If the devs can make the following happen, the game will have a nice feel to it.
              Certain items that are destroyed on the base will have a certain ticket tag to it.

              Destroyed Bridge= five tickets
              Destroyed Rador dish= five tickets
              Destroyed tank= 8 tickets
              Destroyed Acid Pad= 3 tickets
              Destroyed heavy jeep= five
              Destroyed jet= 12 tickets.
              Various artillery pieces that are not set up to fire= 6 tickets.
              U.A.V trailers laying around
              Boats that are stocked in a hanger

              I really do not care what the ticket count is as long as the bigger and badder the thing to go bomb, the more tickets lost by the bad guys.

              Be nice if other things were:
              Really big pieces of arty to blow up.
              Buildings to blow up.

              O.k. Rick, we get the idea. Give us the skinny on what happens when the game begins.

              1. The SAS will have sneaked into the compound at night and would have started the fire works during the night, but either due to diplomatic dip-dunks or the Choppers being delayed they needed to wait until the morning.

              The SAS will have two major spawn options.
              1. In the hanger where the truck spawns. I guess they took out all the guards before everyone spawned in, sorry you missed it. Of course, there will be some kind of bubble of doom set-up to prevent spawn campers later in the game. How I loath them.
              2. Somewhere far from the VIP truck, and in various locations that they can start blowing stuff up. Remember, they snuck in and are in various locations. However, sticking with true Xtract on PR, the enemy needs to be between them and the VIP truck.
              So there is plenty to do for the SAS. Steal a truck and blow stuff up, good times.
              As mentioned earlier, the unit can have two teams in order to maximize on ticket lose for the enemy.

              What about CPs?

              None. This is extraction baby. Both teams will have various spawn in places that can not be destroyed. The SAS will need to get their special kits from these, so allow this on all please.

              The SAS got in there on foot right? How will they all get the blank out of there?
              Great question. You know how the bikes are indifferent to who gets on them? But once someone from a certain team gets in, it sticks with the team until it explodes? Just like that. I would like to have civilian looking cars, Big rigs, and motorcycles around the compound for the SAS to “borrow” while they escort the truck out.

              Ok. How do we know who won?

              If the SAS get’s the truck out, they when (I think the game ends right?). This should be hard to do even without a check point.

              However, if the SAS are struggling with the truck they may still do ok if they destroy enough of the enemies’ assets.

              Rick, how are going to get anyone to play MEC or PLA? All the fun will be on the SAS side.
              Good question. Dunno.
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