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  • Introduction

    Hello all. StudMuffin21 here. ReaperMAC, Eclipse and myself were playing on your Project Reality server tonight and |TG|Asch (I believe) recommended I check out your forums (he was in my squad).

    I just wanted to introduce myself and the community (clan) I have co-founded (we call ourselves Cobalt Lightning Alliance).

    Tonight Reaper and myself experienced the best teamwork we have in a long time. And we both had an awesome time playing on your PR server, and with |TG|Asch. We hope to do it again soon!

    I would like to invite you all (especially TG members) to check out our forum if you wish. As our web site has recently crashed we only have a very primitive forum for the time being.

    If you wish to visit us on our forum, please PM me with a request.

    Thank you again for an awesome night of teamwork!! We look forward to playing with you all again soon.
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    Re: Introduction

    Great squad leading last night. Glad you could make it over to the forums. I've moved your thread into our PR forums. When you get a moment, read through our BF/PR forums and take a look at the rules / SOPs.

    You should get the rest of your clan to hop onto our PR server. :) Possibly even get them into one of the PR leagues we'll be hosting soon.
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      Re: Introduction

      Welcome! I'm glad that you enjoyed the server. Hang around the forums and check out all applicable reading. There are also several forums dedicated to tactics that are pretty interesting. Welcome aboard!
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