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  • Bad Attitude

    So I had a run in with papercurl tonight on al basrah. We were playing on the Insurgents side when my Squad Leader nick12121 noticed our tickets were getting low and the americans were about to pass us. I told nick to tell everyone on our team what he told us, to hide stay down and don't get killed and let our tickets fall below theirs.

    We'll papercurl comes back saying "They already have dumbass", he's on our team btw. I ask him what he said, trying to figure out why he said that, he was like read above. I told him to stop acting like a dick, nick was only trying to help. At the end of the map papercurl comes in my squad for voice chat to defend himself saying I didn't need to be in their conversation, even though I read the whole thing over team chat and he called nick a dumbass cause of the number of deaths he had....

    Now he kinda struck a nerve with me, we don't need guys like this on our server it just pisses off good guys like nick(who was a great SL btw) and makes them not want to return.

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    Re: Bad Attitude

    While I agree with your summation in that we dont need people who are going to abandon teamplay when things dont go their way and dip into the well of immaturity, your approach to handling it wasnt quite right.

    Next time, politely tell the person that making those kinds of comments against other players is a violation of the server rules. Remind him that we expect a level of maturity and teamwork regardless of the situation, and if thats not his style, he can go play somewhere that will better accommodate his attitude. If he continues to be vulgar and disparaging, PM any of the admin staff on the forums with the proper information (the person's name, server it was on, time, map, brief summary and screenshots) and it will be dealt with swiftly.

    Not trying to knock you, everyone has to deal with this for the first time at some point and it's a tough path to walk correctly. Ya done good kid, but keep working on it. :)




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