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PR C5 Tourney

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  • PR C5 Tourney

    Who's in it?

    I just got assigned a team, I'd like to know if I'll have any TG's with me.

    Not saying what team, though -- I don't know the standards for secrecy in hiding squad and faction designation.

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    Re: PR C5 Tourney

    We're partnered with the BFCL league, so we're encouraging people to play there rather than in the C5 one.
    BFCL TF2 league admin


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      Re: PR C5 Tourney

      I wanted to join the C5 Tourny but I closed 1 hour earlier. Waiting for a spot to open, hopefully on MEC.
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        Re: PR C5 Tourney

        Im signed up.

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