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  • Locking Squads

    Morning all...

    Just wanted to bring something to attention.

    I spent most of the weekend (middle of the day saturday/sunday) unable to get into a decent game, because everyone seemed to be locking their squads at low numbers, resulting in me being in a squad by myself, or in a squad with one or two other people (there were some full squads, but they were...well...full).

    I understand locking squads for asset's sake, that I don't mind.

    But if you're locking to keep SM's, friends, clan members in your squad - no problem, can you just remember to unlock it when you have it the way you want it? It's a team game after all...

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Locking Squads

    I imagine some BFCL teams are getting together on the public server and locking squads as method of practice.

    But yes.... we do need to work on not locking so many squads. There should be very few locked squads once the round has started.
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      Re: Locking Squads

      I have to agree, I see people locking squads with just themselves in the squad or just 2 people.

      To further add to this request, please if you start a squad with some of your buddies and someone else joins, let them be a part of the team. I joined a group this weekend and was never told anything by the squad leader because he was 3 manning with 2 of his buddies. I felt lost trying to follow them around and never knowing what I was doing.

      Call me crazy but I like teamwork and communication.

      BTW 7Shades, great grouping with you this weekend.

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        Re: Locking Squads

        We do have some loose SOPs about squad locking. Being that SOPs are enforcable as rules, make use of them. If you see people locking squads with small numbers, before taking action, make sure that these squads dont have specific objectives (i.e. a specialized 4 man squad thats doing a specific job). If you think it's becoming a problem, ask the CO to tell the squads to unlock and allow more people in. If it continues, notify an admin that the locked squads are becoming a problem. Take screenshots and such. Same way you'd handle any other issue.

        My general recommendation for locked squads is this (if you're trying to make sure friends and such get in): Lock the squad and invite the people you want to make sure are in, then unlock and fill the rest of the squad.

        Also, dont be so choosy about who you squad with. I try to look for other TGers to squad up with, but I also have no problem joining a squad with random people i've never seen before. Sometimes you'll have bad games, sometimes you'll make new friends. It's the luck of the draw, but the positive results are worth the risk.




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