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    Hey Folks,

    It's been a busy time for us all in the dev section, and there is lots for us to tell you about our progress on the award winning Project Reality mod.

    Project Reality v0.6 Progress
    We released the first alpha build of Project Reality v0.6 to testers the other day. Lots of stuff is roughed in and in need of a lot of work, but progress is being made! This release will represent the next major changes to the spawning system we started with v0.5. And a bunch of other stuff too!

    Our thanks to everyone who has put forward suggestions for the upcoming release. A number of ideas are being looked at. Much of v0.6 was already designed when we released v0.5 but we are always looking to add in new elements brought up by players. We'll also be looking to do an open beta testing period with v0.6 to make sure we have a good opportunity to do load testing and game play tweaking.

    Change in "policy" as of v0.6
    With the release of v0.5 the mod has gained popularity unlike any prior release of Project Reality. As a first time mod team, along with that increase in popularity comes a few learning points.

    One thing we have made a decision on is that as of v0.6 the Project Reality team will not support any form of server side modding. We will support modifying the configuration files within very limited parameters and we intend to provide some configuration profiles for server admins to use, but modifying any of the .zip archives included with the mod will not be supported.

    Server side modifications can dramatically affect how the mod plays. That level of impact on game play is not something the Project Reality team wishes to hand over to server administrators. The mod will play how we designed it. If folks don't like that there's lots of other great BF2 mods releasing in the coming weeks and hopefully everyone will be able to find one to their liking.

    New Assets
    [R-DEV] Stigger has been hard at work behind the scenes with the British army. Stigger has put together just about all of the Brit vehicles you see in PR. We have two armoured vehicle WIPs to tease you with. The main battle tank for the British army is the Challenger 2. As you can see, this formidable MBT is coming along very nicely with the final touches being made.

    The second tracked vehicle is the British Warrior IFV, an armoured heavy APC used extensively in theatres worldwide. The Warrior should make v0.6, the Challenger will be part of a future release.

    In terms of mapping, we have two great maps coming your way. [R-DEV] Irontaxi is working on "Assault on Mestia" and [R-DEV] Duckhunt is working on "Operation Barracuda". These guys have written some brief description of their projects, and have included some great images!

    "An attack by the UK Forces on a Chinese captured island in the Pacific. The map will feature amphibious, helicopter and cliff Assaults, tunnel warfare and jungle operations. The PLA are using a mix of newly constructed military camps and re-occupying delapidated world war 2 structures. The primary UK mission will be to destroy PLA communitcations hardware."

    "Assault on Mestia will introduce the Militia faction to Project Reality.

    British troops acting under the order of NATO have been ordered to destroy a weapons processing facility controlled by a former Russian militant faction. The British have intercepted radio transmission indicating several Anti-Air guns scattered throughout the hilly terrain, therefore no British air support is available. These Militants have a very violent history, and have built several fortifications into the hills, they will fight hard to keep the British off the ridge."

    Community News
    In terms of community news, two more Project Reality tournaments have sprung up over the past few weeks.

    The first is located at Enemy Down:

    And the second can be found at the 52nd combat group website:

    Both of these tournaments make for great playing for clans and players alike. We strongly suggest that anyone who is serious about realistic gaming, or just enjoys playing in a strong team based environment checks these out.

    The Project Reality League, a well established ladder for clans and gamers alike has also moved home to: If you have not had the opportunity to get in the league then now is the time! For more information, PM [R-Dev]Dizzy on the forums.

    Project Reality in the Spotlight
    Next we would like to bring to light two wikipedia articles started by community members.

    The first is a German language wiki article started by Spiker, this can be located here:

    The second is a Russian language Project Reality Page, A.K.A Russia reality:

    We encourage everyone to check out these sites!

    Finally, for all UK players out there, PC Gamer has written a page on some of the BF2 mods (Pg 116, April 2007 edition), such as Project Reality, Brickfield, Forgotten Hope 2, Battleracer and more!

    We are also happy to say that Project Reality may have an article written on it by the PC Gamer UK team within it's extra life section sometime in the future. We will update you on that as soon as we get more information.

    Parting Shots
    With the mod coming to a peak there are loads of things going on! So to keep up with current events including tentative release dates for 0.6, we strongly suggest you check out

    -The Project Reality Team
    Please note that there are some pictures so you might want to check out the link



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