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    Good day all!

    First off, greetings from the 22nd MEU PR Realism Clan! Hope all is well here at TG. I've played with a few of your members and admire what you've got here. Very impressive.

    Now on to business: We're trying to find some other clans/groups/communities that play PR in a similar fashion, to get together with and engage in some friendly practice and scrim sessions. More recently our interests have expanded to an attempt at setting up a 'Realistic Warfare' tournament based around Project Reality...

    I would like to invite the members of Tactical Gamer to join in this effort. Now I know very little about how you go about playing PR, but I'm sure its thorough and based on a tactical and very team oriented approach. If thats the case, I'm sure you'd be a near perfect match for this.


    Well, there are several issues we run into with the various tournaments and scrim options currently available. The logistics of them just don't fit with our training drills and practices. We incorporate Armor and Air elements to complement our Infantry forces on the ground. A Recon unit is also in the mix, when needed. 8v8 and 16v16 matches do not leave enough room to incorporate our supporting units, or their rule sets outright restrict gameplay to infantry only. Very rarely do our infantry units roll without armor, air, or armor and air support.

    We're looking to get the ball rolling with a series of practices, scrims and tournaments that will be be flexible and allow unit CO's to include their armor and air components. Real strategy involving all aspects of the battlefield, with ever changing dynamics and squad movement, armor and air support, and FUN.

    We would like to know if Tactical Gamer would be interested in this.

    If your members are interested in this idea, respond in this thread and I will point our unit commander this way to say his part and discuss it more with your leadership.

    As of right now, we practice several times a week, and then scrim on Sunday night between the two branches of our clan, MAGTF and OpFor. If this takes off, we'd like to add a time on the weekends (Sat or Sun) for some scrim rounds with any groups that are interested in joining up. The possibility of opening the weekly drills to the other units exists as well.

    Let me know what you think!

    Master Sergeant Schultz, 22ndMEU

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    Re: PR Scrimming/Tournaments

    Well, you don't specify numbers on your end, but we at TG have had several full-scale 32v32 scrims with other communities in our past in both regular BF2 and PoE2. We've been looking out for a community that plays PR that can field 32 players. If you are capable of such a feat, I can assure you that we will have ZERO problems getting 32 together to have such a battle.

    PM me with more information.

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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      Re: PR Scrimming/Tournaments

      Copy that, PM on its way.




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