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Banned for excessive team killing

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  • Banned for excessive team killing

    I'm just wondering why this came about because no such thing happened and I don't know what to do to get back up and playing and be in your good books.

    I was driving the APC in Al Burj and Johnny D it said kick or bans me for bad language which I hadn't done all round. This was when the server didn't have a password.

    I did, however, say bull**** when I was assailed on a rooftop by an MEC soldier because, to me, I clearly put a bullet through his chest but my ping, lag or a combination of both made it so I was not to live. Blitzer66 can confirm this as we were in a little squad together during the time when the server had a password.

    I hope I'm not being brushed aside by bias because I'm new.

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    Re: Banned for excessive team killing

    No, but you should read the stickies in this forum. Specifically the ones titled "Kicked / banned from the TG Project Reality Server? READ THIS!" and "READ FIRST before posting in this forum". They are both important and contain answers to your question.
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