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  • Battlerecorder Request

    Not sure if this is the right way to go about asking this but (please direct me to correct area/thread/ ext if so):

    Please could some one send me the Mao Valley round at approxemately 4:30 ish GMT TODAY (it was the first round after the resart) Battlerecorder file.

    I ask only becuase it was one of the best rounds i have had in a good few weeks, with excellent suppressing fire, flanking and fireteam usage. Truely one of the most intense and violent games i have ever played.

    The reason i think i am unable to download it is becuase i left the game before it finished, however if there is no BR file for that round due to the previous restart, woudl be good to know.

    thanks alot.

    EDIT: I spoke to a TG admin type guy and he basicaly said SUpp members are allowed access (And i am not one) to them and i resepct that BUT if it is allowed/considered acceptable OR AND possible for a stanadard, normal player who was in that game to send to the BR file somehow, i would be very happy, cheers.
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    Re: Battlerecorder Request

    Often times it takes a few hours / few rounds for the BFrecorder file to show up on your community tab. Take a look again and see if it has shown up. I know I've had rounds show up that I didn't finish... but they took a while.
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      Re: Battlerecorder Request

      if it's okay with the admins, ill send it over.




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