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  • Server Changes id like to see

    I recently got BF2 and PRMM to work again (curses EA and thier poor coding) and ive been enjoyng the TG server but id like to see some things changed.

    The server changes maps too quickly. Its impossible to maintain a good squad for more than one round because the map changes after every round. Id like to see the rounds per map change to at least 2 so that you get a chance on both sides. Ive been on teams that have gotten rocked in a level and then we've had no chance to inflict the same kind of damage with the roles reversed. And since the teams get switched every round, its hard to work well together since you dont know everyone.

    It would also be nice to have a smaller server so lag was less of an issue. I know this wont happen in the near future but the TG name is going to make any server popular and with a smaller map with less ppl, its easier to work together as an army and not just a squad.

    those are some of my observations as a recently returning player.

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    Re: Server Changes id like to see

    Welcome Tarthkin.

    We evaluated running a map twice and switching teams, but decided against it, in part due to the length some rounds can take.

    What we recommend for squads is that at the end of a round, mention to them that you want to form up again. Have someone create a squad and invite those members.

    As for lag, most of what people experience is video lag on certain maps. This is caused by video settings being too high. It is mostly map specific and can usually be corrected by dropping textures down one setting.
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