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  • practice flying?

    i really would like to improve my flying skills but i cant figure out a way to practice in PR

    any opinions?



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    Re: practice flying?

    From on the Project Reality wiki:

    In order to fly a chopper or a plane you need a pilot kit. Follow these directions to be able to get this kit on a local server.

    1. Start your local server and open the console (~).
    2. Enter the following: sv.numPlayersNeededToStart 1
    3. Hit "Enter". Game should now start with a 90 second wait time.
    4. Create a squad.
    5. Request the pilot kit near your main flag.


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      Re: practice flying?

      I can't remember where it was posted but there's a pilot training map somewhere that has all aircraft for both sides. Other than that, Gulf of Oman probably has most of the aircraft types available.
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        Re: practice flying?

        I'm pretty that that "pilot's" map was bugged to hell, IIRC.

        JeonJiHyeon's was the best recommendation for me...

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          Re: practice flying?

          There have been reports in the PR forum about bugs with the practice map, though they don't seem to affect everyone. Definitely start on a local server until you get the hang of it. That way Sam Hoy will never play on the TG server again. :)
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            Re: practice flying?

            Its a pity we dont have oman wac on the server list, I like that one.

            Often on a map with a carrier you will find half way or three quarters of the way through the game that the carrier has spare helis on board because most of the team is fighting inland.
            It would do no harm to practise in those cases imo. It also happens with the blackhawk on al basrah sometimes.

            The blackhawk has rotors made from chocolate but it is the easiest to take off without crashing while most prefer the littlebird overall because it is responsive.

            To practise, take baby steps. Take off and advance forward 6 feet, hover and land (just exit if its being a pain). Increase the distance, etc eventually your'll improve

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              Re: practice flying?

              i cant seem to request kits in my local servers


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                Re: practice flying?

                Are you creating a squad once the game starts?
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                  Re: practice flying?

                  Do us a favor and don't practice on the public TG server. There was, at one point, a public server called "Flight Practice" or something to that effect; it had a low respawn time for the players and the planes.

                  If you can't request kits, and it says something about needing additional players, you don't need the kit to drive and fly. Just hop in and wait for it to warm up.
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                    Re: practice flying?


                    Yesterday, on albasrah, a friend and I did alot of practicing with cobra. We did decent, but it was still our first time doing it.

                    We've both had quite a bit of practice flying, as we have spent several hours doing it.

                    Get a buddy, and try WAC.




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