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ralfidude intentionally TKs; an isolated incident, or the beginning of many

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  • ralfidude intentionally TKs; an isolated incident, or the beginning of many

    So without further ado and any irrelevancies I want to point out to you, as some of the mods on this forums told me to do instead of swwearing and Tking back, what a certain Ralfidude thought it would cool to do to my ingame character.

    It was the beginning of operation phoenix and I had just aquired a sniper kit. As I ran to the entrance into our sector or the map to snipe at the small valley at the far south of the map, this guy with an ingame name of Ralfidude thought it would be worthwhile to make sure the coast was clear of any MEC soldiers by placing a timed bomb right behind me so that as I scanned the valley, there was a dull red head at the left-bottom side of my screen. Though his actions were totally appropriate, he forgot that it was physically impossible for an MEC soldier to be at that point on the map at that time; check whatever files/documents that you have of that game and test my theory if you absolutely must. As the timer drew closer to 0, he quickly typed in that there was a timed bomb right behind me through the kindness of his heart and possibly, though not likely, because of his own guilt and to have a scapegoat in the face of the busy admins. That would have been annoying but at the most acceptable had he not spawned back at main, after I killed him via punishing his TK, and grabbing a sniper kit which wasn't available to him during his first life.

    I would like to know what you will do about this obvious case of Tking and verbal manipulation of me and the admins through his constant typing of "I told you there was a SLAM behind you!" and "don't make a big deal out". TG phoenix told me "to let it go" which I was in no mental state to do such a thing nor bend over for ralfidude whom I had extreme urges to put a SLAM behind. However, instead of beginning a Tk war, I revved up my maturity, displayed my huge amounts of testicular fortitude and came here.

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    Re: ralfidude intentionally TKs; an isolated incident, or the beginning of many

    For your consideration:

    READ FIRST before posting in this forum

    That's a lot to read, but it addresses your concerns.
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