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Odd question - already answered but more info contained

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  • Odd question - already answered but more info contained

    OK now pps,
    Yall know, at least those of any relevance, where this is coming from.

    I was asked today if I was angry with someone, the one doing the asking in particular, and the answer is no.

    I shut down my voip and pulled my SM status from TG on my own initiative and this was not caused by a particular person. I play games to relax, not get on peoples cases and (inversely) not to have my case gotten upon, and to just do something enjoyable.

    People are alowed to have their feelings and points of view. I have my own warped point of view but it is always one of respect for others and myself as well as a very high minded point of view of things. As promised........ I have been 100% clean since the incident, still participating with little or no hinderance from having my voip disabled. Not that I was some horrible offender of the topic though I was an offender no doubt from time to time as I got immersed in enjoying myself.

    I am going to re-enable my voip and if anyone here has a thin skin I would advise you not to join my squad as I am still a vulgar and loud mouthed individual who may, from time to time, utter a personally offensive statement. My standard squad name is going to be, as usual, variable and off the beaten path but I will always put the first one out there as "DontJoinMe". I talk like a trucker and play like a putz - just who I am - so avoid me at all costs.
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    Re: Odd question - already answered but more info contained

    Like it or not, IOOB, we have standards here at TG, both in gameplay as well as language and the treatment of others, and they are to be followed by ALL members of our community, regardless of their other contributions on the server or in the forums.

    If you or anyone else fail to acknowledge and live up to these standards, a ban will ensue.

    I am not attempting to be confrontational here -- I would just like to cut off this line of thinking before it gets to a regrettable point.

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