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Skins in PR 0.6

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  • Skins in PR 0.6

    Let's say that the PR team needs to work on the skins for the next realest. The buildings look good but the new weapons and the MEC units are just... not at PR standards.

    First up, the new militia weapons. Those skins look like they were made for a half-life mod. Here is some work from the BF Korea crew.

    Since they are part of BSS could the PR team ask them to share the skins?

    Secondly, the new MEC skins.
    In 0.6 we can't tell which is which, and since I hate to TK most of the time I don't fire and get killed in the process. I am all for realism, but please not to the expense of the game play.

    Finally, my graphics card is going AWOL with this new mod. I can see threw the road and some things appeared out of nowhere.

    In all, this new version is a wip, but they team needs to focus on one thing: the thin line between game play and realism.

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    Re: Skins in PR 0.6

    When you can see through roads, or run into other issues take a screenshot. Post those screenshots on the PR forums so that they have a chance to fix it. Otherwise you will see those issues in .6 because no one talked about it.

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      Re: Skins in PR 0.6

      The weapons look allright to me but Ive yet to set this latest update up

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