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  • Project Reality Spotlight Event

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to let the TG community know that tonight's Server Spotlight event features a fellow member team, The Last Stand, and their Project Reality server. Check the BFCL Events forum at for server details and hope to see you all out in force!

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    Re: Project Reality Spotlight Event

    Can you provide more info on what the spotlight event is?
    |TG-12th| asch


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      Re: Project Reality Spotlight Event

      Originally posted by asch View Post
      Can you provide more info on what the spotlight event is?
      Hi TG, I'm another admin over at BFCL just following up on Morals post.

      Server Spotlight night was designed to help those clans in the league who can use a little help getting their servers populated and hopefully help these clans snag some VERY much needed recruits. The way we see it is, as long as the individual clans of BFCL stay strong, the league will also. And in line with the friendly atmosphere among clans in BFCL, we try and help our fellow BFCLer's out anyway we can.

      You can read more about "Server Spotlight Night" here. EDIT: Guess I can't post the urfl, but if you go to the portal page at BFCL, you'll see the banner for "Server Spotlight" Just click on that banner.

      Now as a member of |TLS| I have to thank Tactical Gamers for bringing this awesome mod for BF2 to the attention of BFCL and |TLS|. Our guys have really taken a liking to this difficult but fun mod. I'm pretty sure you will see a |TLS| squad in the near future participating in the PR competition at BFCL.

      So thats about it, we would love to have you guys visit tonight if you can.


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        Re: Project Reality Spotlight Event

        I'm either a goddamn idiot, or extremely high....but what the hell is BFCL? I'm trying search and can't find it.

        I'm assuming, being college educated...that BF must stand for Battle Field, that would be the only thing that makes sense.

        This this freak of nature CL is mind boggling. I could come up with suggestion... but unfortunately I can only think of one word, and it's a bad word....very bad.

        Perhaps: Command League? Colonel Lucky shot? CLan League????is that it? Clan League?

        Title chasers, what the hell is that? No thats not it.

        In short, I would like to know where the hell the server is.

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          Re: Project Reality Spotlight Event

          You weren't that far off. It's Battlefield COMMANDER Lucky Shot.

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