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AAS is there for nothing?

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  • AAS is there for nothing?

    i have 2 days playing in the PR server, losing every single round, even when you have a few good players and at least 2 good squads.

    ppl like to kill RP (not squad RP main RP) in flags who are not in play, we was playing a few maps and the enemy team just go for destroy our main RP, is this a legit tactic, going to a flag who isnt on play and destroy the main RP or to clear a flag because is the next one to be cap?

    i dont know but everytime im playing and im a SL i dont move my squad to the next flag if we dont have the orders of HQ, also i keep my squad in a 100 mts range of the orders. 2 days losing bad because the enemy team use this kind of strats to win the game, most of the time my squad is the only one fighting for the flag we have to capture or defend, no matter what map you play is always the same.

    i know is really hard to control the team stacks and thats why i dont complain about that since in our server happen the same thing. i just end disconecting because i cant take it anymore, getting kill at least 20 times in each round half of the time playing was waiting to spanw so for me this is not the kind of fun im looking for, i dont mind to lose, i dont mind to get kill but this is insane. you cant do nothing, not even spanw close to our main because behind the RP is always someone waiting to you spanw and kill you instead of kill the RP.

    a rule like no one move 100 mts (or maybe 200) from HQ orders will be good, this will enforce or keep away ppl from doing this kind of strats.

    PS: this isnt a letter only to the admins if you think im wrong just post.

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    Re: AAS is there for nothing?

    There is nothing in this post that is constructive. What I would suggest to you is to log into teamspeak when you play. If your team becomes unbalanced, ask over TS if someone will switch sides to help balance the team out. TG players generally will. Our rules are pretty clear about where you can be on the battlefield and at what times you can be there.

    Many times in order to make 3 good squads, you have to break up the one great squad on your team and turn some of them into squad leaders. More often then not, it's a lack of Good Squad Leaders in that role, and not a team imbalance.

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