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12 June

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  • 12 June

    Was on the server last nite for 20-30 mins on Qwai + K'nonang ni. I haven't seen that tardness EVER on TG.

    Was a spec ops in the main base Slam'ing the LB and BH, random guys TK'ing (from the messages on screen).

    Was one guy trying to fly choppers who i think crashed 4-5 in a row...whislt typing i'll try fly 1 more time then give up.

    Couldn't believe it.


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    Re: 12 June

    I must admit, whilst it isnt the norm, Tardness has been rising very steadily on all PR servers for the last few weeks.

    Hopefully when this new BF2 map comes out we should be OK for a month or two untill they all get bored of it and come back to PR heh


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      Re: 12 June

      I was on the serber also but I think it may have been an earlier round rather than what you are describing.

      In Qwaii we had a very interesting situation. The Chinese had capped the Processing and a squad from Government quickly moved into the USMC main. 3 things happened in quick succession.

      1: The Chinese began to gray the USMC Main Base (Pig Farm),

      2: The US began to overrun Processing and move it towards grey

      3: The US greyed the Fishing which they had been fighting over from within the cap zone since before we took Processing.

      Within 1 minute the flags were:

      - Grey in USMC Main Base and rising to Chinese control,

      - Proccessing's flag turned grey under US control ,

      - and at Fishing the flag was stuck Grey in US control.

      As Chinese I rushed an APC from the main base to the road approaching USMC base as my squad took the US main base flag.

      Many US complained that this was base raping as we greyed and then held the flag, while having destroyed their Spawning APC and Helos. As far as I could tell from the minimap no one shot into the US main base before it became availiable. Once we were in the USMC Main Base cap zone and had the flag moving down and to Chinese, we did not give it up over the short overlap, about 1 minute, between the US greying Processing and the Chinese capping USMC Base.

      3 different flag control groups were in play at once in good determined fighting. I have always wanted to see this happen. As far as I could tell no one was playing dirty. Though by proximity you have to spawn kill to cap the USMC Base.

      The US quickly turned back and retook their Main Base in fierce fighting. The fighting continued while the flag went from Chinese to grey to US, but no Chinese attacked the cap zone/vehicle spawn after the USMC Main Base flag turned US. By then the Chinese had lost their RP and SLs.

      During all this the Processing flag stayed grey and in contention.

      What do you guys think? Was it legit?


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        Re: 12 June

        How to report a problematic player. PLEASE report them to admins.


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          Re: 12 June

          If the flag is going down or up then it's in play, regardless of what the AAS messages say.


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            Re: 12 June

            I was there. I was in a squad attacking Pig Farm as we had Processing. I can tell you now that as soon as Processing went down, and we all started dying, we did indeed go back to processing. At least, my squad did not PURPOSEFULLY go out of its way to kill you guys at spawn. We may have for 1 minute, but that was while Processing was grey, and we werent aware of it yet.

            I'll appoligize, but it wasnt like we did it to ruin your day.


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              Re: 12 June

              So what did you do about it? You told an admin over teamspeak you were having trouble, right? Or you took screenshots so that an admin could take care of it afterwards? You pm'd an admin saying what time and map this happened so we could look at battlerecorder? Did you do any of these things?

              Nope, you let 1 idiot ruin your day and now your passing that on by creating a complaint thread about it. Your a supporting member and a regular on our server, take Obi's advice and learn how to report a problematic player.

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