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Vanilla BF2 Returns to TG this weekend!

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  • Vanilla BF2 Returns to TG this weekend!

    In the spirit of nostalgia and in response to Sassy’s idea in this thread, TG will be converting our POE2 server to vanilla BF2 this weekend, from Friday 6/22 at 7 PM EDT until Sunday, 6/24 at midnight. In the spirit of the epic games that defined TG as the best place to play BF2, the TG faithful will be showing up in force for some old school BF2 goodness.

    Things to keep in mind for this weekend’s games:
    • Step up to CO when your team is without a leader. Having consistent COs on both sides is the single biggest factor driving game quality.
    • Bring your A-game. The point of this weekend is to recapture the highest quality games from the first few months of BF2 here at TG.
    • Admin presence will be strong and rule breakers will not be tolerated. Admins will be manually queuing the best maps during peak hours.
    • Show up with your squads, invite others in, and just have fun!

    Again, the fun starts tonight at 7 PM EDT and runs throughout the weekend. Expect to see many a Ranger, Irregular, Roughneck, Dragoon, Irregular, etc face on the server this weekend. :D

    EDIT: Please post all responses or questions here.



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