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Why was I blamed for a TK?

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  • Why was I blamed for a TK?

    Got on the server today for about an hour and enjoyed it immensely.

    Didn't fare too well and eventually had spawn times long enough I was able to grab a snack.:D (hopefully this will improve with time)

    One question though..we were playing a map where the grunts have a hell of a hike across the desert if they chose the wrong spawn location and no one is around to offer a ride.

    As we were crossing , the squad leader kept plinking at me until finally I ended up having to respawn (which in a way was good because I didn't have that trek ahead of me again).

    Question is..why did I receive the message to watch my fire when I hadn't fired a shot and I was never able to punish/forgive the actual TK'r (who I would have punished in this case as it was blatantly intentional).


    Oh and while I'm here , what do those symbols on the score board mean? Some are obvious but what's the cup?
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    Re: Why was I blamed for a TK?

    The first symbol is just your total points accrued for that round, the next symbol is your total teamwork points, the scope symbol is kills, and the skull symbol is your deaths.


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      Re: Why was I blamed for a TK?

      TK's can be caused by a little bug that occurs.

      There is another bug, the map vote one, when you leave map voting on a server with no admin, people come into the server and map vote instigated by them that they don't see




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