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Really enjoying PRM-question on supporting community

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  • Really enjoying PRM-question on supporting community

    I'm really enjoying PRM and intend to continue playing. It is unlike BF2 or anything else I've played to date and though there is a fairly steep learning curve ,has the potential to be a very challenging and fun game to play. I would very much like to be an active and participating member of this community.

    I would like to contribute something to the community (I even have some of the other games the community plays) but am not too sure on how to go about it.

    I read somewhere there is a paid subscription but be damned if I can find it again. I'm not really a great fan of subscriptions and would much prefer to make a lump sum contribution.

    Would someone care to point me in the right direction please?

    Also (without searching mind you) how does one get the new pass word for those locked nights? Would it be possible to PM it to me?

    Many thanks for the enjoyable hours so far.
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    Re: Really enjoying PRM-question on supporting community

    Member info:

    The password (last I heard) was being disseminated over TeamSpeak (a change from previous methods of forum-based dissemination).
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      Re: Really enjoying PRM-question on supporting community

      Password for tonight was the standard password posted in the forums, which can be found here. We tried the teamspeak route on thursday due to some issues on the server after the password was originally posted, but I believe we've reverted to normal now.


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        Re: Really enjoying PRM-question on supporting community

        If you're unsure about starting your contributions, you can still join the Irregulars, an in-house squad spread across several different versions of the BF series of games and a great way to start your TG experience.

        Any time you play here, join up with some |TG| tags and you'll get a first-rate lesson on how this game is meant to be played.
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