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Who makes decisions on admins?

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  • Who makes decisions on admins?

    I Mainly play in th middle of the night central time zone. and there is a need for admins during this time. Like tonight for instance I can't recall the map name but it was mainly a tank map and a new one at that. One side had all the flags and instead of taking the last flag the all parked there tanks around the spawn sites and began raping for at less an half hour. I left the server because there was no use in just spawning to die. I have a feeling that more were going to leave and this would empty the server. Anyway I have noticed on other occations where there was no admin when I play and some nights it is ok but nights like tonight make me wish I hadn't installed .6 so I could play somewhere else.......Thanks for your time

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    Re: Who makes dicisions on admins?

    The best place to start is How to report Problematic Players. Understand that if you are on Teamspeak, you can generally find admins there who can quickly take care of your issue. If no admin is available on teamspeak (Extremely rare where none is available) then PM an admin about your issue. Include what time it happened, what map, who (If you know) and what happened. Trust that we will take care of it, even though it may not fix the problem immediately. We do scour Battlefield Recorder and Chat around reported events.

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