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Gameplay observations. Kinda kewl

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  • Gameplay observations. Kinda kewl

    Since TG went to 6 (which I didn't have until I DL'd and installed last night) I have been playing 5 on other servers.

    Interesting observations.

    Some of the squads I joined were well led , the problem being the squad members game play style. Quit a few (not all mind you) were using CS (only using this because I'm sure most of you are familiar with it) game play. They'd charge head on shooting at everything.

    Out of curiosity I decided to try some of the basic tactical training I received during my stint and guess what! For the most part it worked , thwarted mainly by those that insisted on charging into and through my field of fire guns blazing be damned the cost.

    Basically I fell back on:
    Don't engage the enemy if you're out numbered.
    Don't engage the enemy if you're out gunned.
    Don't engage the enemy unless fired upon.
    Don't engage the enemy if there is no tactical reason to.

    I was able to infiltrate , using stealth , concealment and letting enemies run freely past to wherever they were going and communicate troop and armor movements to my SL (who hopefully was passing them on to the CO).

    Could have captured a couple of unguarded objectives if I'd had some back up and it would have been advantageous but never bothered.

    This went on for about 15 minutes until I was spotted and 3 charged me,guns blazing. Took one down and re-spawned.

    It was a try and I see the potential in the game with the RIGHT players so I'm looking forward to playing again soon as I can.
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    Re: Gameplay observations. Kinda kewl

    With a good squad, you can most certainly out flank an enemy. God help them if you have an M14, too, because if they're furiously battling your squad, they most likely wont hear the shots. Next time you do this, try to bring a sniper, but once again...SHOOT TO KILL. I can't tell you how many times I've hated myself for missing. Missing with the sniper is pure death... Sniping is also...very hard, you'll find. It takes alot of practice for sniping over 200m. There are some shots that you simply have to practice at. The M14 is a damn beast, but I can assure you that the scope is not correct all the time. Over 200m, you have to start guessing about 1-2 pixels over thier head/chest.




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