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  • Connectivity Issues

    It seems that with the update to 0.6 of PR I've been having connectivity issues with the TG server. I'm able to play 0.5 fine and play BF2 and other 0.6 servers, but when I play on TGs server I get disconnected within 3-5 minutes. I'm not sure what's causing the issue because I don't have problems with any other server but this one. When I'm connected I have a very good ping (35-50) virtually the whole time.

    Any ideas?? I wanna play on TG!

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    Re: Connectivity Issues

    Yea I've got a similar issue, I lose connection every hour and a half or so. So pretty much once per round I just drop out and it sucks big time. I can't fly because of it (don't wanna look like an ******* pilot who takes a squad up and just jumps out), and the last time I played I had stolen an L96 from a brit sniper and was holding off an entire squad from swooping down on my squadmates with it when my connection dropped out. When I logged back in we had lost the cp and I was pissed. Sorry for the rant, just gotta let off a little steam.
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