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  • Stop the friendly fire

    I'm sick of getting killed by friendly fire, especially since it can avoided by two easy steps:

    1. Check your minimap beforehand for friendlies in the area you are firing into
    2. Use >>Spotted<< on your target before firing if you aren't already 100% certain he's an enemy

    I changed the keybinding a long time ago to change the default menu from Q to one of my side mouse buttons to make it easier to move while spotting.

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    Re: Stop the friendly fire

    Somebody told me how the minimap was useless to him because everyone was clustered together. You can alter the zoom of the minimap with a simple key press.
    If you put it on maximum zoom its possible to see if any friendlies are in the direction you are firing. If not, fire at will :)

    Also I made mine 100% see through. Your peripheral vision is unfocused and a simlified radar with just friendly dots makes it possible to reference without distraction from your line of fire/sight.

    Next time your in a game, press escape and you can alter these in realtime. zoom will be under general controls and hud transparency is general options.

    Also use the compass at the bottom, if you hear 'enemies to the north' Check you are facing north, double check the radar and fire at will. Anticipation counts for alot in reaction times

    If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.


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      Re: Stop the friendly fire

      You can also maximize the minimap. I normally play with the minimap on the second zoom and if I see a potential longer range target I will maximize the minimap (with my middle mouse button) and check the area that I spotted. Maximizing the map is also extremely helpful when flying to look for targets being spotted.
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        Re: Stop the friendly fire

        I found a screen shot of you in game -- i think it may explain things a bit.

        Shot at 2007-07-08

        Better known as:
        That noob who crashed the chopper.
        That noob who ran over the mine.
        That noob who TK'd me with a sniper rifle.
        That noob who hit that APC at 300m with light AT! Our APC...


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          Re: Stop the friendly fire

          Hahaha rambo's comment is almost as good as the kick me sign
          Watch your fire, be safe.


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            Re: Stop the friendly fire

            Hah finally I know who the fool running around with that note on his back was. You got served :).




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