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  • Crombos Inf Training

    Thats right, in about 2, 2 1/2 hours I will be logging in and begining the Improv Sat Inf training. I will make an open sqd named INF TRN and we will work on the following.

    Sqd formations

    Open field moving

    Covered movement

    Close Quarters (room clearing and fighting)

    Lines of fire / fire lanes

    covering fire

    supression fire

    Team play:
    Etiquite of Inf

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    Re: Crombos Inf Training

    I would come and join, but I have things I have to do :( Good luck with it though and I hope it benefits some players


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      Re: Crombos Inf Training

      Thanks from me and all the gang in "nOObs R Us":D for your and other TG members help.

      In the short time I was able to play I learned one hell of a lot about SL'ng. What to do and what not to do.

      It was also nice to hear target identification and firing parameters being used.

      I had a stint in the KOCR reserves in Calgary way way back and though I've forgotten all but the most basic principles , the way the squad was participating , feeding me useful and helpful advice and tips , brought back memories and confirmed that PRM is the game I having been looking for all these years.

      Was sorry to have to leave but long time friends of ours are celebrating their 60th today so attendance is almost mandatory , though I was having so much fun I was ALMOST tempted to "phone in sick".:p

      Be back on again SAP though...

      And to all those that intended to show up but couldn't/didn't--man did you miss something. :p
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