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Want a clean reinstall..what are pitfalls?

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  • Want a clean reinstall..what are pitfalls?

    Want to clean up my BF2 folder with a clean install as I have expansion packs etc. in there I never use.

    Have the CD's and 1.41 patch on hand but don't want to lose my account info or settings.

    Is just backing up the profiles folder enough (and where is again?? Found it a couple of times but be damned if I can remember where)?

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    Re: Want a clean reinstall..what are pitfalls?

    The profiles folder should be in your mydocuments/battlefield2/profiles

    Then its the NOT default one you want to copy. no gurentee that it'll work, so dont get too mad if it ditches all your settings.
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      Re: Want a clean reinstall..what are pitfalls?

      it doesnt ditch ur profiles and stuff, there is a window that pops up asking if you would like to keep your projiles or delete them.(little check mark boxes) Even if you do delete them by accident there is a retrieve account button at the login area

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        Re: Want a clean reinstall..what are pitfalls?

        If you delete everything off your computer consisting of BF2 you will not lose your account at EA. You will however have to reconfigure your settings though. Either save the configurations or go in and manually write down on a peice of paper how you have all your settings, might be on the safe side to do this anyway.




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