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Tactical game server for PR 7/30/07 8:25pm

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  • Tactical game server for PR 7/30/07 8:25pm

    Whats up with the tactical game server for pr today? I have played on it like once before and it is the only server that I have great ping on (32). Today at 8:25 pm east time I tried to get on 2 times and it says I have been kicked by vote or for team killing by a admin ? I have never team killed in my life. I have only been on the server maybe once in the past and that was months ago. There were no issue in that game of any kind and the squad I played with was easy going and vocal with instructions. Great voip team work and thats around when I came here and signed up.
    Is there just some special thing going on tonight or what ? Do I have to pay to use this server now ? It was 62/64 players on it , but it showed no reserve slots . If anyone has any info on this I would be thankful for it.
    Thanks for your time and consideration, Desode
    Gamertag 360= DESODE

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    Re: Tactical game server for PR 7/30/07 8:25pm

    The server is full at 62. The stickies in the SOP's and rules sections will explain everything.
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