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Why am I banned for supposed "Racial Slur"?

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  • Why am I banned for supposed "Racial Slur"?

    I was just happily playing the Tactical Gamer project reality server. The map was Seven Gates and I was enjoying the match and playing in my team. And I'm about to lay a mine down in front of an APC and out of nowhere I get banned.

    I have NO BANS! On any server whatsoever. I play by the rules and try to be as small a pain as I can.

    So why am I banned for a "Racial Slur" When I don't remember even saying anything racial at an y time on ANY server. I was running through the woods! And maybe if my memory is failing me (which i don't think it is) I would love to know what I said and why I wasn't at least warned for whatever I supposedly did. Maybe I did something and I don't remember but i'm 99.9% sure I did not say a racial slur. Maybe i swore (I dont even think I did that either) But I sure as heck didn't use a racial slur.

    Maybe you can check the Chat log. I am a friendly player and enjoy teamwork and I have only said positive things about TG to everyone I know. And this is the first ban on any of the Project Reality servers. I honestly don't get it. And I am really surprised.

    Can you please check this out because I really enjoy playing on the Tactical Gamer server. There are many other ones for me but I prefer Tactical Gamer because of the no-nonsense approach and there is always admins there to get rid of the undesirables.



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    Re: Why am I banned for supposed "Racial Slur"?

    Please pm me or any other BF2 Admin.

    *Thread Locked*
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