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WDT member banned

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  • WDT member banned

    So, after last night's incident I have to ask... Is Haggis banned from TG? He can no longer connect.

    First off, the way it was handled is a bit shady in my opinion.

    After Haggis was told to "pull the dildo out of his arse" by JCTango... a lively conversation occurred. At some point after this conversation, Haggis was fired upon by a friendly, whom he then tked. It turns out to be JCTango, again.

    Now, I understand regulating TKs... and revenge TKs are a no no... but there was no discussion, and no one allowed any of us to speak up for our clanmate, who was with his squad and following orders when we were fired upon.

    My question is this... about 5 minutes after the incident (and after JCTango complained about the TK) Haggis gets kicked. We thought it was unfair, but rather than tie up a lot of peoples time by complaining about it, WDT called it a night and decided to let the dust settle before too many comments were made.

    Now we come back today to play, and Haggis is banned from the server. We really love the teamwork, and TG is by far the best server out there for PR. We're not leaving a man behind though, so can someone clarify this situation for me please?

    What is the appeal process? What was the cause of the kick/ban by Goatboy? Is it common practice to ban a member of a longtime clan like WDT (we've played on TG servers for years now) without so much as asking about the situation first?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: WDT member banned

    You start by reading the stickies at the top of the page. Namely this one:

    Kicked / banned from the TG Project Reality Server? READ THIS!

    Thread closed.
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