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PRM Developers putting on PR Training Sessions.

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  • PRM Developers putting on PR Training Sessions.

    If you haven’t visited the PR site, here’s a heads up about some training sessions they are going to be offering in various aspects of the game.

    I’ve had some schooling with some of the TG crew which was great and very informative, and it whetted my appetite to learn even more.

    Now playing PRM isn’t exactly rocket science, easy enough to play, but, all the features, availability and abilities of the various kits , flying , SL and Commanders functions etc. are what take time to learn.

    So , if you’re interested in either taking part in the training , or offering up your skills and volunteering as an instructor , hop on over to HERE

    (ooppss..know that referring to another site is a no-no in here but figured being as it was for the benefit of anyone wanting to participate and has nothing to do with recruiting for another server , it might be OK).
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    Re: PRM Developers putting on PR Training Sessions.

    I don't think thats really referring, anyone that downloaded the mod knows of the site lol.

    Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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      Re: PRM Developers putting on PR Training Sessions.

      My opinions of the devs still stand the way they are. If you're curious, ask me in a pm. Their style of play differs alot from what TG stands for.

      TGU is coming up, too.




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