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PW night woes

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  • PW night woes

    First of all, I was just kicked on PW night for typing a-hole in team chat, I'm not upset, rather glad to see that someone is on the ball as admin.

    I did it to draw attention to a tard that raked me with gun fire because he wanted to be healed. He wasn't in my squad, I'm trying to maneuver with a squad of mostly unseasoned players, and trying to communicate with them and educate them towards the mod.

    What is up with this? Just because I'm a medic in another squad, I'm now subject to being wounded or killed because someone in another squad wants to be healed? Is there personal score so important over the objectives of another squad that they feel it necessary to wound or kill the other squads medic and interfere with another squads objectives? Dear God, on Password night?

    The behaviors of people on this server are becoming worse and worse. I should certainly hope that 's Hard on my Lard' was banned for openly admitting shooting another squads medic! That is the reason for my intentional use of profanity, I don't condone it, but I had to draw attention to the chat so someone would see what was going on.

    These types of players are the reason why I started coming to TG several months ago, I'm trying to avoid these idiots, but as usual, the tards just follow, so they can ruin another server with their ignorance and crappy game play. Shooting in the spawns, shooting at APC's and other vehicles because they want a ride, now shooting at medic's because they want a heal.

    Frickin Selfish Losers!

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    Re: PW night woes

    Read through HOW TO REPORT PROBLEM PLAYERS so that the admins on the server will not confuse you with the smacktards you claim to oppose. While your at it, read through all of the Server Rules, Annoucement and SOP's which you can find HERE. Knowing and understanding our rules and how to report those who break our rules will help you to become a seasoned veteran of TG Password nights.

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