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A little something from my tournament.

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  • A little something from my tournament.

    I play in the WAW tournament, using the FH mod for bf1942 and one time one of our generals posted this, I think this is very much in line with the TG spirit so I'm sharing this with you all, enjoy.


    I sometimes connect to pubbies just to watch other players play. What is it they do which makes them successful in almost everything they do? I watch and try and learn. I know one of my personal problems is when I get "greedy", when I loose my cool. When I loose my cool I become tunnelvisioned and only see one thing, whatever that thing might be - killing that tank or shooting down that plane or finding that sniper, or whatever the case may be. I have over the years become better and better, but have to constantly check myself because it still happens now and then.

    It is when I lose my cool I perform very poorly. Some days I am very focused and everything I do seems to work. On other days nothing seems to work. I always seem to end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. From experience the only thing which works to turn the tide on bad days, is to take a very deep breath and think before I even move. I then ask myself, what is the best and most useful thing I can do right now? When I focus on the team instead of on my own performance, things fall into place and I start playing much better. Not to mention the joy of team work. Kills are good, team work makes me smile.

    I remember a friend of mine from my clan days. He was a tanker same as I. He was the kind of tanker who thought he was invincible. His doctrine was, hit them and hit them hard. I am the kind of tanker who sits at the edge of the map in ambush. I am the kind of tanker who moves around the entire map close to out of bounds to be able to reach a position where I can take out their tanks with one shot. I am the kind of tanker who holds my fire when the enemy tanker has not detected me. I am the kind of tanker who fires only when necessary. My friend was the opposite. When we first met, he thought I was a complete arse. I thought the same of him. We did a couple of one on ones and I, fortunately came out on top with my doctrine.

    He then started listening to what I had to say. We started doing extensive tests with tanks to find out exact sweet spots, we practiced and practiced and practiced until we had the patience to calm ourselves and be able to hit those spots in full out battles. My friend and I had a lot of fun doing this. We would get on pubs, grab a tank each and go at it. ALWAYS sticking together, covering each others flanks and six. My friend became a good friend. Even though my clan days are long gone and the clan I was in has long since moved on to Battlefield 2, he and I still speak. One thing I learnt during those days, with painful clarity was: There is ALWAYS someone better than you, no matter how much you think you are da bomb.

    I am not telling you this story to showcase what a fantastic tanker I am. Far from it. I can hold my own, but so can a lot of other tankers. I am telling you this story to maybe show you we all have a lot to learn, no matter how experienced and the pwn we think we are. I am telling you this story to maybe inspire you to one practice or one battle make a personal decision - Today I will follow orders the second I hear them. Today I will try and do the unexpected. Today I will try and be calm the entire battle no matter how fierce the battle is. Today I will try and take that extra time and wait patiently for my team mates.

    Today I will be respectful to my team mates and I will do my best to keep my team mate in the tank alive no matter what the cost. Today I will spot an entire round. Today I will repair tanks or other vehicles an entire round. Today I will stick to my task no matter how boring I might think it is and I will do so high spirited. Today I will not look at my personal score when the round is over. Today I will go to a pubbie, find the best player I know and follow him like a ghost. Today I will pride myself in being the last man in the list with a score of -12, 9, 24, knowing all those suicides was to save my friend from a certain death, giving my team a greater chance to victory. Today I will not think I know everything, but I will make my best to try and learn from my team mates.

    Today I will not knife anyone to prove a point. Today I will ask myself what my weakest trait is and I will ask somebody I respect how to improve it. Today I will volunteer for all the tasks nobody wants to do. Today I will ask myself - how do I best surpise my enemy? Today I will hold my fire until I absolutely have to fire. Today I will hold my fire until I am absolutely positive I will hit the enemy. Today I will run around with a wrench an entire round and try and cap and defend flags without getting killed. Today I will report the enemy before I engage the enemy. Today I will play with a rifle an entire round even though I suck at it. Today I will play with a zook an entire round even though I suck at it. Today I will ask my team mate what his favorite movie is. Today I will humble myself and no matter how desperate our situation gets I will remain calm and focused. Today I will try and be the ultimate team player always looking out for my fellow team mate.

    Today I will ask myself, how do I best help my team achieve victory. Today I will be a team player far beyond anything I have ever been.

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    Re: A little something from my tournament.

    And this is a little poem, funny but so true.

    Geek in a Jeep

    Beep, Eek!
    Geek in a Jeep
    Leading a column of soldier Geeks

    Oh Oh
    The Jeep Won't go
    Over the Mountain through the snow

    Geeks leap
    to push the Jeep
    The driver geek has gone to sleep

    Geeks shove
    Geeks grunt
    Geeks don't think to look up front

    Jeep goes Bang
    Jeep goes boom
    Jeep destroys the barracks room

    Geeks get maimed
    some loose their brains
    Some form columns some get on trains

    MGs chug
    they all shrug
    geeks yelp for heavy help!

    New jeep spawns out
    Geeks all shout
    Geeks TK for the Jeep no doubt

    Geeks cheer...
    oh dear!
    The driver geek forgets to steer

    Jeep in a heap
    Geeks curse and weep
    MG fire sweeps the heap

    Jeep for sale...CHEAP!


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      Re: A little something from my tournament.

      Nice poem!
      Your General sounds like the sort of person who would be good in PR.
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        Re: A little something from my tournament.

        Yes indeed, we have a lot of cool players that really show off their dedication, thosa generals have to create weapon loadouts every week, command the seperate company's 'squads' and take the piss when we lose a battle.


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          Re: A little something from my tournament.

          Mg Fire Sweeps The Heap Lol!!!! Xd

          Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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            Re: A little something from my tournament.

            lol nice one steevo




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