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PR squad training sign up thread

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  • PR squad training sign up thread

    For those of you who showed interest in my previous thread:

    Quick summary of the post:
    This is a research experiment to test out different squad tactics but in the process you will end up learning a lot of stuff!
    This is going to be an on going occasion that might take several scheduled meets to cover material and go over drills. This all sounds complicated and organized but in reality this will be very informal! I am trying to plan these meetings on thursday and sunday during password night. Attendance will not be required but it is recommended because "the more you put in, the more you will get out of it."

    Having a mic is not required but highly recommended! (please buy one, they are extremely cheap (if you can spend $1000+ on a super fast rig, you can afford a mic) and they improve the gaming experience quite a bit.)

    NOTE: I will only be able to train 6 people at a given meeting so depending on the response I receive, I will see what I can workout.

    You can sign up by sending me a Private Message.
    In the PM post your:
    In game name
    BF2 experience (estimated duration)
    PR experience (estimated duration)
    What times suit you?

    Irregulars will be given preference.



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