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Me and Sealights got banned; unjust admin!

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  • Me and Sealights got banned; unjust admin!

    We were playing on Tactical Gamer's server for PR mod on Kashan desert.
    Me and Sealights were putting to good use the armor. We were banned because an admin said we were Baseraping the Mec team's airfield base, this is false. Because we were just guarding North and South bunker through the Eastern side; we weren't anywhere close range to the Mec's airfield, even if did we would retreat. We were reported for base raping by an IC user (can't remember full name) and then he got us both banned.

    This is unfair, and unjustified, me and sealights were long time project reality gamers since 0.2 version came out, we know the rules very well and we always love to play at Tactical Gamer. We are just asking to please unban us both.

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    Re: Me and Sealights got banned; unjust admin!

    Well. I can't speak for the legitimacy of your ban, but it is apparent that you're not familiar with our rules. There are two threads stickied in this very forum. One that directs you to "READ FIRST" before posting and the other SPECIFICALLY addresses what to do if you are banned from the server.

    Neither one of these posts directs you to post public threads about it.

    Please follow the appropriate channels to have this resolved.
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