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  • Making your team work

    I've noticed something in the last 2-3 nights that I wanted to mention. Upon joining the TG server, the team I get assigned to is getting the snot knocked out of it by the winning team. Then it happens again and again (the kind of game where you're defending your main base almost every time).

    So here's my concern/observation: I'll see guys on my team that I know are good players and awesome squad mates and the first thing they want to do is join the winning team. So they try over and over (especially on map switch) until they are on the good team. I understand that it's tempting. Believe me, it's tempting for me too... but I don't think it's the right thing for the server. Stick with your team and work hard to turn the tide. Yeah, it's hard... but it's reality.

    So unless you are really want to squad up with your buddy (who happened to spawn on the other team), can you guys stick with your original team and try to fight back? It sure would help balance the server out.

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    Re: Making your team work

    I see this all the time. Even well respected people I see end up team switching so because they can't stand losing.


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      Re: Making your team work

      I know this is an issue. I try to stay on the same team. However, you have to understand that before 0.613, I used to crash to desktop everytime the map changed. Every time that happened, I just restarted my game and joined whichever team it assigned me. It doesn't happen often now though.
      Just posting this as a reminder that some players may end up being on the different team the next round because of crashes.
      However, if a player cannot stand being on the losing team and "teamswitches" as a result, then, he takes the game too seriously and is simply a bad sport. I hate bad sportsmanship above anything.


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        Re: Making your team work

        I must admit I do this sometimes. I can't stand being on the losing team all night in PR honestly. Especially on maps like Kashan, Kuffrah, Ejod, where being on the losing team usually results in half an hour of spawning, standing around without a vehicle getting killed. A couple of rounds like that, and your night is gone, without actually fighting.

        Most of the time I try for a few rounds, and usually the teams will change, and some good (often non-tg) vets will join and make it a decent game. Sometimes though I get so bored that It's either quitting the game (something I see often too) or switching teams.

        The maps should have a much heavier bleed once one team gets the upper hand to solve this. This is especially true for the maps with a lot of tanks (Kashan, Kuffrah and Zatar).

        Most of the time when you join on these, you spawn on a team defending their ucb against 4 tanks and all you have is a smoke grenade.

        I think it is more a matter of game dynamics in the end. The other night I was on the team with most TG player, and you commanded the pubbie team to a solid victory. It seems one player really trying to rally the team can win over a whole lot of PR vets if they aren't on top of their game.

        Somehow, the devs should try to make losing more fun. Even Armed assault doesn't make you spawn and die for 30 minutes on end. It doesn't feel remotely realistic at all to spawn in a tent that is surrounded by enemy armor.

        I won't berate anyone for switching team, for whatever reason they do it. I do applaud anyone that tries to rally a team that is on it's knees, like you often do Tim.


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          Re: Making your team work

          Deliberate team switching is a very poor show in my opinion. Too bad if you get auto-balanced or set up on the other team after a crash. Make the most of the team you have.

          Of course, if your team doesn't have a CO, you're pretty much screwed unless you've got 6 good SLs who can co-ordinate the battle over team chat...


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            Re: Making your team work

            The only reason I try to teamswitch is if the server is quiet and a friend is on the other team and theres a chance I could get into their squad. Other than that it seems to be a way to get a load of minus points from dying (counts as a suicide) every time you try and switch and get switched back. However, I think that the auto balance could be improved by; instead of letting you switch team, taking 16 off your score and changing you back to your original team, while giving you a 60sec spawn time, simply giving you the message 'you cannot switch team now as it is already unbalanced' or something like that, and keeping you alive.
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              Re: Making your team work

              I agree that team switching is not a good thing to do, even after having done it myself. The reason that I have done this, after gutting it out as long as I can on my team, is that we have a non TG rule observing team. Meaning, no organized squads or gameplay, no coordination, and no in squad order has been pretty bad as of late and I am sure that many are switching due to this. I played yesterday and was on for 2 rounds with a totally vanilla bf2 experience. I tried to get my teams to organize to no avail. Finally enough regulars came on and made it work. Thanks to Teflon Don, Top Cat Aja, and a few pubbies for that...

              One more note. I do understand that as a TG member we are to do our best to spread the TG way by leading by example. I try this every chance I get on the server.
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                Re: Making your team work

                Ok, when I was playing regular BF2 or other BF2 mod (not on the TG server), I used to change team every time... to have the vehicule or kit I wanted, or the be in the winning team.

                Now, as I play PR and as I play it on tactical gamer... I think I never switched team because the following reason::
                First ... I taught it was illegal (for server rules)
                Secondo ... I didn't taught we could actually do that.. like westyfield said I was always switched back....
                Third ... I don't know anyone "personnaly" that could make me change team for squading up.

                So yeah I try to fight back as hard as I can and when there no squad who seam's to "teamplay" that I can join, I create a voip squad!
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                  Re: Making your team work

                  The only times I switch teams are when I FIRST join the server or when someone specifically asks for me to switch to their team. Alot of people try to switch to be with buddies, and thats fine. But if you're on the other team, try to stay there. Losing sucks, but if you get on TS and ask for some help, you're bound to get at least 2 guys to try and switch over the next round.


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                    Re: Making your team work

                    WTJ winning team joiner is what they call this in CSS and they have scripts to stop it happening.

                    I do switch but only if the other team has less players then Im just evening the teams so its ok!
                    I dont care who won the previous round, its usually to get a heli,etc

                    The reason I have a personal rule not to switch to a larger team is that its good practise to play on a losing team and your'll be a better player for finding a way to survive against the odds.

                    If your stuck on a obviously losing team then take it as good practise for when you are in a situation where swapping teams is not an option (scrim,etc)
                    Try unusual tactics, practise extreme high risk maneuvers, test boundaries of a kit, weapon or vehicle.
                    In CounterStrike you dont do best by following the crowd down a tight corridor, you cover their blind spot. Beyond strength of numbers they may not use teamwork but you can still work off of them

                    Try to aim for spearhead attacks. Pull the plug instead of fighting the tide in a pointless battle. That'd be the biggest flaw of most pub teams, misdirection
                    ie. Forget the flag itself, attack the imobile APC NW of the flag

                    On Basra, the insurgents have the NVCP. Instead of the obvious you go do something fundamental like blow all the palace bridges up (insurgent have no engineer wrench) or you cruise the streets and make a point of destroying every spawn car.
                    You are stemming the tide and it does make a difference on PR even if you dont 'win'

                    Qwai USA, keep the bridges constantly destroyed. No one will thank you but you will influence the battle. Lots of things in PR have a compound effect

                    I think I get this originally from CS, theres a real buzz if you can turn a game around there. PR can be even more frustrating and drawn out but I think the same applies. Sometimes if the game, players or maps suck I will turn on the TV and be a spawn point while I eat something, bad I know :p

                    The end game of EJOD is one example, once ruin is lost then thats it for the USA imo. I wont beat myself up over what I judge to be a map flaw and also it'd be bad practise to bother trying.
                    I'll setup a spawn point in the main town maybe and thats it

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                      Re: Making your team work

                      It's great to hear everyone's replies. This really is an awesome community!

                      Plus, Sabretooth brought up a great point. When I'm on a losing team it forces me to get more creative, check out parts of the map I usually don't go to (in order to get around the enemy), and set smaller goals (such as shooting down a specific helicopter that's making a huge impact) to accomplish the larger goals. Even though our team got our butts handed to us last night, the squad I was leading really felt a sense of accomplishment when we were able to overcome some pretty insurmountable odds.

                      See you on the battlefield... and if you're on my team and we're losing, stick around. :)


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                        Re: Making your team work

                        screw that, if I'm getting the crap beat out of me I break out a pen and paper and take notes, and sometimes get the battlerecorder to see how the top squads performed...but I absolutely love the punishment. Most of the time, I notice that it is a lot of TG players that team up a lot on the winning team, and a bunch of people without VOIP and lack of teamwork on the losing team. Not a big suprise...


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                          Re: Making your team work

                          That's exactly what just happened for the last three maps. Every TG guy was on ONE team... instead of spread between the two like it used to be. It's not fun guys. The newbies are gonna hate PR.


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                            Re: Making your team work

                            I was playing last sunday and we had several losses in a row. Many at the hands of some folks I played with all the previous sunday night. After a few butt whippings, the side seemed to get its collective crap together and we had best squad on Ghost Train against the same folks we lost against previously. We were commenting about how is it possible to be beaten so badly over and over, and then we decided to stick together and not get intimidated by the other side.

                            I think, as in real life, squad leading and squad participation done properly by even the not so best players can achieve great successes. I would recommend keeping the faith in even the worst of situations, stay loyal to your squad and squad leader, STAY TOGETHER ON A GOAL, and then you will be fine!


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                              Re: Making your team work

                              I sometimes too change team, but only in those instances where all squads are full, or those not full, does not teamwork and the squad leader does not respond. Its kinda boring making your own squad on a full server since people rarely change squads in the middle of the game.

                              It happens that there is an empty transport chopper I could use or help the commander. But hanging around on Kashin Desssert for 1 hour alone is not exactly fun.




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