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wow did we have fun last night

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  • wow did we have fun last night

    my call sign is bjm994 and i played last night for over 4 hour on your server with cal sign tg dirtboy and i have to say we had really good time we won many game s the team work was out of this world it was one of the best nights i ve ever had playing project reality
    hats of to him for being a great squad leader we never lost a battle
    thank you for the great time i look forword to meany more

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    Re: wow did we have fun last night

    Welcome to TG BJM. Dirt's a great SL and an excellent emmissary for Tactical Gamer. I was ready to give up on BF2 when I found TG 2 1/2 years ago. I've made some good friends here and have had many, many nights like the one you had last night. We support many titles here, like COD2, Armed Assault, GRAW and TF2 to name just a few. Look around and embrace the goodness.

    Currently I'm an Armed Assault junkie but before that I was a mainstay on the PRM server, as you can see from my sig. (thats me, third from left, pulling up the rear on the first fire team while advancing on Al Basra) You'll still see me on the PR server from time to time.

    See you on the battlefield.
    ARMA Admin (retired)
    Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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      Re: wow did we have fun last night

      Hey man...glad to see you made your way here!

      Like I said last night, The Tactical Gamer server is normally like the matches we played last night. You were an excellent Squaddie that followed orders extremely well. If you guys didn't know, we held down the West Tower of Mestia. No one was making their way in there;)

      Once again, I am glad that you made it here and if you need anything at all...don't be afraid to ask:)

      "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone




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