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  • Question about Squads


    I've played on the TG server for a while now, I enjoy it and appreciate the mature players... for the most part.

    Today I ran into a little problem regarding a pilots squad, which brought about my interest in what the server rules were.

    There was a 5/6 man squad refered to as the pilot squad. I entered the map late and joined another squad with the intent of flying a transport, because I did not notice it. I waited patiently on the carrier to pick up a heli.

    As I was waiting I was informed by "(removed name on request)" that I would not be able to fly, and that there was a pilot squad already set up. I understood, and politely asked to be invited to the pilot squad.

    There were no other members on the carrier, and no other players with a pilot kit at the time waiting for a heli, so I saw no intrusion. But I was denied entrance, and told this was simply the way it worked. I didn't argue or cause a fuss, I simply said I didn't understand and I'd consult the forums because I had been told differently by other admins.

    Now I am aware of the timers on crash respawns, and how people in these squads may be away from the carrier waiting for a respawn, and I understand the purpose of the squad organization. But what is the policy with invites to these squads? I feel I am a good transport pilot, I do what I am asked to do by the squad leaders and commander. So I do not feel it is the result of playing ability.

    But then what is it? first come first serve? Are the heli's supposed to remain inactive until people from that squad claim them? What if one isn't in use?

    It all seems rather static and silly, I mean if there is a spot open, noone else waiting for it and the player can do the job... why should one be denied entrance?

    i am not trying to cause a fuss, if thats the way it works then fine I'll go with it... it is your server after all.. but if this is the result of some power hungry admin then I'd like to get the low down on server rules so I don't feel like I am being taken advantage of.

    Thanks, best.
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    Re: Question about Squads

    All vehicles are open to all players unless the commander says otherwise. Now that doesn't mean you should snatch a plane from some guy who's been sitting there since the round started, just realize when to be courteous.

    Just next time don't post the person's name.
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    I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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      Re: Question about Squads

      No one has the right to stop you from flying, except the commander. At least you were polite enough to ask for an invite in stead of just taking the chopper... just for that I 'll +rep you. Some people seem to think they own the vehicles just because they have a faster pc.

      I myself often create a pilot squad, lock it, then always inform people to ask for an invite if they want to be part of it. I lock it to avoid 'first squad joiners' who don't bother looking at the squad 's name and purpose.

      There are no specific rules for this but hopefully future releases of PR will deal with it.
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        Re: Question about Squads

        Yes, I think the squad leader is in the wrong here.

        The key thing to remember is that the ONLY person who can say "you can't use this" is the CO. Past that it's just courtesy, and yes, he should've invited you if there was space and no one waiting.




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