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  • Spawn Camping

    22.58 GMT OMAN USA SQUAD 1 Sunsequella or so.....................Can an admin investigate

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    Re: Spawn Camping

    Heres an example of solving the problem as I said in the State of Affairs thread. It's this simple guys. If you cant get an admin in game, post it. Retroactive reporting is a great problem solver. It may not fix it right away, but the person probably wont be coming back to do it again once the BFR files are reviewed by the admins. Let me also make note that the admin staff takes every report seriously, so dont think that your report wont get read if you only have 10 posts. If it's your first day on the server or your thousandth, your report will be handled exactly the same.

    EDIT: I agree with the statement made by Lucky Shot below. PM is the preferred means of handling this. If you need a list of admins available for PM, please follow the following link and scroll down to the "Administration - Battlefield" section. A good selection to start with is Dirtboy, thegreatnardini, eGoatBoy, troublesome4u.
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      Re: Spawn Camping

      This should probably be done via PM.

      Lucky Shot


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        Re: Spawn Camping

        Not too sure about using the PM process for a general plea for help.

        PM's are directed towards one particular individual who has to be at his computer and checking his email to be aware that there is a problem.

        A general call for help in the forums might attract the attention of any admin who could resolve the situation possibly in time to save the game.

        PM's are fine for discussing details (specific players , actions taken etc.) but for a general call for an admins presence to resolve a situation I think the forums are still the best place if no ones on TS (or you don't have TS running).
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          Re: Spawn Camping

          Retrospective Reports:

          We have the ability to query player info retrospectively and apply bans even after the player has left the server in the case of severe infractions. Please be extra careful when reporting retrospectively. Admins will require more evidence and a detailed explanation when querying such info.

          Please provide as much of the following information as possible via PM:

          Exact date and time of the occurrence. Please use current Eastern US times (EST or EDT : GMT -5 or -4 respectively).
          Exact player name (screenshots will help you remember).
          Detailed explanation of the infraction taking place.
          Screenshots of player name(s), kill messages and / or chat examples.
          Map name that the offense occurred on.
          Round timer -- Time within the round that the offense occurred.

          Note that we may not choose to take action when evidence is scarce, but we will always submit it for future reference, so don't hesitate to report problem players. We have a long memory and follow the actions of problem players closely. They don't last long on our servers.
          I bolded the area, but it really should be handled via pm.

          Lucky Shot


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            Re: Spawn Camping

            Originally posted by Ferris Bueller View Post
            This link should be added to one of the stickies, it 's hard to find a complete list of admins for a particular game on TG. I had no idea there were so many admins for BF2 :).
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