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Banned from the PR server.

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  • Banned from the PR server.

    I have been playing in the server for a few days now and I was perma banned for "Excessive Teamkilling" Here is what happend. My squad and I (i have witnesses) Were about to get into a Humvee and from out of nowhere a team mate in an apc almost ran us over and pinned the humvee my squad was in against the wall.. we asked him to move but he would not respond and we waited for a minute or two before I told the squad to exit the humvee. I planted C4 on him and blew him up(this is the only team killl i have had in the server) and then after he was out of the way we moved out and went on to help the team. he was ether afk or being an ass but when he finally said something he claimed I was killing people for vehicles and the admin perma banned me. Can i please have my name removed from the ban list. I dont team kill unless there is good reason. thank you

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    Re: Banned from the PR server.

    Read the stickies please.

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.




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