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Congrat's Award Winners.

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  • Congrat's Award Winners.

    Here are this weeks award winners.

    Snoogums: Distinguished Squad Leader Ribbon

    Snooggums is the best SL I have had the honor of playing with, He can take any riffraff into his squad and get them to team work properly with patience and easy manner. He always greets new members and makes sure they know what is expected of them. He listens to suggestions but makes his own mind on what the squad should or should not do.
    DarkestSpade: Distinguished Air Cavalry Ribbon and Distinguished Medic Ribbon


    Distinguished Air Cavalry

    BF2 PR; Kashan Desert map; TG server

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    As commander of US forces, I would like to nominate [TG] DarkestSpade for the Distinguished Air Cavalry ribbon due to his exemplary contributions while operating the WAH-64 Apache gunship. During the battle of Kashan, squad leaders in numerous forward operating positions were pinned down by armored columns. After I relayed information to DarkestSpade, he quickly neutralized targets on the first pass. His accuracy and quick reactions saved countless lives and helped turn the battle to our favor.

    I can only imagine how many people like to think they are good attack helicopter pilots, or maybe even get nominated for ribbons, but the reason DarkestSpade stands out in my mind is that he not only had the skills, but he used them to better the team. At no time did he decline an order or delay his time to a target. He kept me updated on target movement, condition of his Apache, and condition of enemy weapon systems. There is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the most team-oriented helicopter crewmen we have, and I feel he deserves to wear the Distinguished Air Cavalry ribbon for his skilled airmanship and for his unwavering display of teamwork. Great job Spade!

    Distinguished Medic

    Al Basrah, Al Kufrah, and especially EJOD

    Friday night, 19-Oct-2007

    The 6th is spoiled by having some excellent medics in it's squad...but holy crap! In 3 rounds of play over 2+ hours with Spade as the primary medic in my squads I had 8 deaths (1, 0, 7). He paddled and healed like a madman, scoring 19 revives in the third round (which was a real meat grinder). Now, being hyper-active is one thing, but what really gets him the ribbon is the "finer" elements of functioning as a quality medic.

    His positioning was always excellent...he kept far enough away that when someone went down he could get there in time, but also eliminate the threat if required (he had several "need a medic!" -> kill the assailant -> revive the victim -> heal the victim moments). He smoked when needed, communicated with the downed player about counter times, incoming revives, etc. I saw him providing suppressive fire in support of the squad's heavy lifters at time, but always ready to be a medic first. When I (as the SL) was secured he would ask permission to support the remainder of the squad. When I needed to displace to evade threat he'd communicate that he was trailing or covering my withdrawl. Of course, through all of this he was still shooting OpFor as well. There is no doubt in my mind that he kept our squad in the fight time and again...

    At one point on EJOD towards the end in the "streets of death" (it was a see-saw fight that ended 9 - 0) he gave me a revive and I said to him "I'm going to start taking this for granted...", he reality I had started to take it for granted an hour ago

    Turkish Delight: Distinguished Defense Ribbon

    Who:Turkish Delight
    What:Distinguished Defense Ribbon
    Where: TG PR server/7 Gates
    When: October 22, 2007


    Turkish Delight has Distinguished himself in the great defense of River Fort. While playing as PLA, he decimated the opposition with his stellar defensive skill. After the British got the flag neutral, he led his squad onto the flag to prevent the opposition from capping it. He placed himself in the main bunker to have his squad spawn in to clear out the enemy. After about 15 minutes of intense battle, his squad was wiped out and it was only him and I(different SL) left on the bottom floor of the Main Bunker. I was a witness to the phenomenal job that he was doing. We coordinated with each other over TS and set our respective fields of fire. He singlehandedly fought off wave after wave of OpFor, and constantly reloading and having his troops spawn on him. If it wasn't for Turkish holding a single corner, we would have lost the flag alot quicker. After repelling several enemy advancements it was only me and him again. Then fate took a nasty dump all over him...a lone soldier killed him while he was reloading. The flag soon fell, but thanks to him, it costed the OpFor alot of men to take it over.

    The Distinctive Accomplishments of Turkish Delight brings great credit upon him, Tactical Gamer, and the PR community.
    Lets congratulate all award winners and remember to get those nominations in!

    Good Job Fellas...keep up the good work!
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    Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

    Well done, defending a vital bleed point at all costs is excellent tactics :)

    If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.


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      Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

      Cool stuff! I am glad that my hard work payed off in a different way! :)


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        Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

        Congrats everyone, well deserved for all of you!

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          Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

          Congrats everyone. :)

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            Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

            Congratulations guys.
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              Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

              Congratulations! Well deserved!

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              No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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                Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                Congratulations to both of you guyz!

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                  Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                  Thanks everyone :D


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                    Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                    So if I get a ribbon...How do I get the ribbon?!


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                      Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                      Congrats, and I'm proud to say that I was there for both of those rounds where Darkest got his ribbons. He did an excellent job!


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                        Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                        Congrats guys!

                        Time to update your sigs with new shiny ribbons!


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                          Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                          Originally posted by DarkestSpade View Post
                          Thanks everyone :D
                          The ribbons look good on you! Congrats again Spade!


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                            Re: Congrat's Award Winners.


                            Sadly my nominee didn't make it, I wonder why...
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                              Re: Congrat's Award Winners.

                              Congratz all.

                              I wish I could get an award though.. Most suicides within 1 minute. Trust me, that medic was pissed.

                              Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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