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  • Whats the difference?

    I'd like a little advice from anyone who plays or has played both Armed Assault and PR please. I still really enjoy PR but I am thinking about trying AA via download and would like to know how the games differ. I predominantly play as infantry based classes and have no real interest in Armour/Helo's etc. Basically I am after a tactical game and I have seen posts on the forum that suggest that there is a lot of teamwork involved in AA. I have also heard that the maps are massive and not being a huge fan of PR maps like Kashan I'm not sure if I fancy walking an even greater distance.

    Are there smaller maps that place at least some emphasis on infantry?

    Am I going to get repeatedly hammered by APC'c and Armour etc?

    Any thoughts/comments would be very helpful.


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    Re: Whats the difference?

    Teamwork and communications is everything in Armed Assault. In PRM it's easy to find a squad where only the SL is giving orders but you are still effective. In ARMA everyone has to communicate well for the squad to have any success. Many times the benchmark for success in this game is less about the number of kills you rack up and more about the number of times you DIDNT die. I've played many missions where I didn't fire a shot but my contribution to the team was still very important.

    ArmA is mostly an infantry simulator. Of course there are aircraft and various pieces of armor but infantry or mechanized infantry is the best part of this game.

    ArmA is a much slower game than PRM. Often times you are tasked with waiting for squad assembly or transport or other elements of your team to get into place. When you die you have to physically be transported back to the front lines. its not uncommon to be off the front lines for 5-10 minutes after you die. Armed A is not a fast paced game...quite the opposite.

    Armed Assault uses one huge map that is miles and miles across. The missions are played on on the Island of Sahrani which has is broken up into two countries. It takes a good 15-20 minutes to fly around the perimeter of the map. The missions are what you play and different missions are located on different parts of the map. Some missions are huge big affairs and some are really small intimate action.

    At TG we run two servers with one server usually hosting coop missions of varying size and length. Any of the players can be elected in game "admin" and that player then has the ability to change the map to a different coop mission that may suit your group better. A list of the installed missions is accessible and the admin picks the mission (with consultation from the rest of the players, of course).

    The other server usually runs another AI vs Human mission called Evolution. Evolution is a coop too but its much larger in scale and objectives, requiring the capture of 8-10 cities and towns in various areas of the map. Some towns are infantry heavy, some towns armor heavy and most all of them have air support in the form of attack helo's and jets. EVO is what's known as a persistent mission which means you can leave and come back to while the mission is still in progress. Sometimes it can takes several days for the cities to be cleared and so it's not uncommon to leave on a Tuesday and come back on a Thursday to find the mission still in progress...coming from a BF2 mentality that had me flabbergasted I tell you.

    Most of the action right for TG now is human vs. AI in cooperative scenarios as I've described above. Team vs Team is growing but faces some challenges regarding hardware and server requirements.

    Armed Assault is a great game but it's not for everyone. If you are looking for something realistic than nothing beats it...I love Armed Assault and after the 1.08 patch came out I played it exclusively for several months. Before that I was into PRM in a big way and when I switched to Arma I enjoyed the new and different game style very much. Lately my gaming time's been limited so I've been playing PRM more often when I want to just get in and battle fight spending too much time thinking about it.

    You'll get a really good feel for ArmA's potential by reading the many excellent AAR's that have been posted in the Arma Forum. Here's one that I wrote earlier this year:

    Here's another one I wrote in response to a question very similar to yours:

    Keep looking in that forum and you'll find many other excellent AAR's. There are many better ones than I cite. Some with great pictures. These will give you a better feel for the potential of this game here at TG. And potential is the right word. This game will continue to develop and grow for a long time to come at TG.

    We have a great community in Arma. I hope you join up. As for myself. I expect to play Arma for a very long time but I know now that I'll need to balance it out with other titles. The time and intensity needed to play this game correctly is steep but the dividends are worth the investment. When I have shorter gaming sessions I'll jump into PRM or COD for a change of pace.
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