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  • The Fulda Gap

    Well, here is my TG map idea submission, I just can't get my map editor to work so I figured I would let somebody else give it a shot if they would like. I was originally planning to update my post in the map thread, but I have too many reference photos so here goes:

    Map title: The Fulda Gap

    Armies: 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (0.7 US Army) vs. Russian Armored Division (0.7)

    Game type: AASv2, Russians start with bleed and must capture a series of objectives to stop the bleed. US should not be able to recapture lost territory.

    Map Layout:

    I had to resize the map, so you can take a look at it for yourself at these coordinates.
    Altitude aprox. 25000 ft

    50 Degrees 40 Minutes N

    9 Degrees 52 Minutes E
    I took this picture out of the actual Fulda Gap region. Google Earth has a high res 3d map of the area if you check it out for yourself.

    I think this may be able to be scaled down to a 2km x 2km map. (Think Al Basrah size)

    1) Neutral field flag for the Russians to have a freebie
    2) Fortified Checkpoint, starts in the hands of the US
    3) West Town
    4) Quarry Flag
    5) South Hamlet
    6) East Town
    7) Farm House

    1) Red squares indicate two observation towers that act as initial spawn points for US infantry
    2) Infantry footpath as a secondary entrance to Quarry
    3) Close that area off to be only an infantry footpath, I want the US Armor to take the long route to reinforce checkpoint flag
    4) Steep hill with a footpath that offers the infantry a way to bypass the southern armor bottleneck
    5) Secondary checkpoint, not a flag, serves as an armor bottleneck

    Basic Plan: Russians start out in a field with maybe a dozen armored units, (It's a lot, I know, but this is supposed to be cold war style invasion feel) I was thinking maybe 8 T-80s, 2 ATGM equipped T-90s (w/ flares if possible to simulate Shtora system) and 2 BMP-3s. There would be assorted fast movers as well at the insertion point for the infantry players. To prevent stalemating and keep the Russians advancing, I would suggest giving the Russians some artillery a la Hamyong style, although I would much prefer it to be player controlled, there is nothing like this in PR thus far.

    Americans spawn in at the outposts in the hills surrounding the checkpoint flag. I was thinking a javelin pickup kit may work well here, but that may be kind of overpowered for the Americans. The basic idea here is that the teammates that spawned back at the US insertion point (4 M1A2s, 2 IFVs, a TOW humvee or two but no other fast movers) would then drive the armor to assist the infantry which are facing the armor on their own at this point. There would need to be a long delay for the armor to reach the defending infantry so a nice asymmetrical battle would take place. The infantry defending the checkpoint flag would need a lot of cover as they are going up against a lot of armor, but not so much that the flag is uncapturable. The flag should be designed to be lost every round so the armored battle can be taken to the fields in the south.

    The first town should have plenty of enterable buildings for urban combat so the infantry can be fighting inside while the armored battle is taking place in the farmland surrounding. IFVs would be forced inside the town for protection from the armor and would then assist the infantry. Again, this flag should not be easy for the Americans to hold indefinitely as you want the map to be in constant motion. If the Russians hold this flag, the bleed should stop.

    The Quarry flag would be the bleed swinging flag and would be off limits to armor. There would need to be several entrances for infantry and maybe a path navigable for jeeps but nothing bigger. A deep depression surrounded by high walls with a tree line would make for some interesting infantry combat to break from the armored engagement this map would be all about.

    The Hamlet flag would basically just be a row of enterable houses along a road that would be accessible to both infantry and armor. Any fight here should be over quickly so that a bottleneck could be set up at the Blue 5 checkpoint. The armor should be stalemated here while infantry try to sneak around through the northern corridors in the hills. From there they would move to secure the last town, time permitting.

    The second town flag (I think it would be best if its made as just another small hamlet) should be difficult to be captured so the US doesn't end up getting base raped and completely crushed. This would happen inevitably and the last flag they would have would be a small farmhouse to the north.

    Reference Photos: Like I mentioned before, you can have a look for yourself at the coordinates given, but I will post some close up photos for you anyways.

    Outpost/Checkpoint area with a closer view of the farms.

    First town and surrounding countryside.

    Quarry and surrounding forest. You can see a small road leading through the forest to the east.

    Southern Hamlet CP. Sums it up right there.

    Second town. Honestly, this town is far too big and would need to be scaled down a lot, possibly to the order of the hamlet seen above.

    Well guys, thanks for your time if you read all that, or if you just skipped down here to read this sentence. If anybody is willing to take up this undertaking, I'll make sure to support you every step of the way any way I can.

    Community, not corporation!

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    Re: The Fulda Gap

    Very nice, not far where I come from!
    Lots of pre arranged mine fields there!


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      Re: The Fulda Gap

      That looks like a very interesting idea, I'd like to see someone give it a shot.


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        Re: The Fulda Gap

        Well done, Red! It looks like it would be a really cool map to play - the terrain reminds me of one of the maps in the Armored Fury expansion pack - can't remember the name of it though.

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        No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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          Re: The Fulda Gap

          Originally posted by d1sp0sabl3H3r0 View Post
          Well done, Red! It looks like it would be a really cool map to play - the terrain reminds me of one of the maps in the Armored Fury expansion pack - can't remember the name of it though.
          Operation Harvest, great map !


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            Re: The Fulda Gap

            Oh yeah, Operation harvest is nice (for a vanilla map). Looks like a great idea, It'd be nice to see someone try making it.
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              Re: The Fulda Gap

              It really would. I would like to make maps but i dont know how to use map editor or BF2 editor. :(

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                Re: The Fulda Gap

                The Third Image down looks suprisingly like St. Mere Eglise :D
                Almost exactly like it really...
                Germany though eh?
                I guess Normandy is a bit off from germany. The two towns looks similar.


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                  Re: The Fulda Gap

                  Oh cmon guys, there has got to be somebody here with a working map editor. There are plenty of guides on the BF editor website that I could point you towards.

                  I already spoke with GeZe and he said he would be willing to use it, so long as somebody is willing to create it.

                  Community, not corporation!

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                    Re: The Fulda Gap

                    I 've done some mapping for MoH, my biggest project took about a year... and then I was still single and unemployed. I 'm not ready to give up my social life for this :).
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