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  • Weekly Award winners!

    Lets congratulate the following individuals for their accomplishments!

    Distinguished Commander : AFSoccer

    Who: AFSoccer
    What: Distinguished Commander Ribbon
    Where: TG PR server
    When: Sept 07-Present


    AFSoccer continually shows he has what it takes to command. Whether it be a small jungle map or a large Desert map he commands well and knows how to defeat a foe from a CO perspective. He is a extremely knowledgeable CO who seems to know every in and out of being a top quality Commander. Setting up Commander assets is quite hard in PR and he seems to know exactly where to place them. Whether it is a well hidden Firebase or a extremely fortified Bunker with razer wire protecting every entrance and exit.

    I fear playing against him when he CO's. For example, he was the USMC CO on River Qwai last week and my Squad was attacking the Government Offices and he has already set his assets. He had every single entry point blocked by both razer wire and sandbag emplacements. The only entrance was the east road. This too was a AA gun. This proved to be extremely difficult to Assault and required almost every squad to attack at the same time. Doing so we lost valuable tickets and pulled personnel defending the Fishing Village. After a tough battle we finally made it but at that time, we noticed that Fishing Village was already neutral.

    He is always talkative, suggesting rather than ordering. He never seems to give senseless and unimportant orders. He is always telling the Squads when a supply drop is ready. At the same time, he is aware of the ticket count. He never puts assets down when the tickets are close and he always seems to put the CO truck in a hidden location so that we have a forward spawn point!

    The Distinctive Accomplishments of AFSoccer brings great credit upon him, Tactical Gamer, and the PR community.

    I would like to nominate |TG| AFSoccer for the distuingished Commander Ribbon
    For the USMC team on November 13 2007 on the Project Reality Server. As always he was courteous and set objectives for the team as a whole and constructed the necessary equipment that was needed to help us win the round. Without his leadership we would have never made it out of our own main base.


    Distinguished Commander: Fuzzhead

    I would like to nominate Fuzzhead, for outstanding team organization and skill in commanding during the 10/21 TG in-house PR scrim. He, with little time to organize, meaning 1 day, created squads and as early as one hour prior to event, gave orders to his squad leaders and carried out a well organized, aggressive, and dominating 2 map performance. His SL's said he did a great job. As a member of the OpFor, he simply ran us over. Great work.


    Distinguished Squad Leader (Class 3): Dirtboy

    Game: Project Reality

    Nominee: DirtBoy
    Period Covered: For about 2 months.Since i started playing TG server (Can't specify exactly)

    Dirt boy is the most amazing squad leader i have ever seen on the TG servers. You can ask anyone and they will respond the same way. It's safe to say, he brings a whole new dimension to the game, and once you've played in his squad you don't want it any other way. His squads fill up in mere milliseconds as soon as he makes it. What's better is that even with his great leading abilities he decides to share it with any and everybody. He doesn't lock his squads and is generally a respectful guy.
    "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone

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    Re: Weekly Award winners!

    Congrats, well earned!


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      Re: Weekly Award winners!

      Congrats to everyone!

      Well deserved and overdue IMHO :icon14:

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        Re: Weekly Award winners!

        Congratulations Gentlemen, Well deserved all around!


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          Re: Weekly Award winners!

          Congrats, all were definitely deserved!

          I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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            Re: Weekly Award winners!

            Nice to see some well deserved commander ribbons issued!


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              Re: Weekly Award winners!

              Well deserved indeed! Way to go, to set the example as well as standards, good Job!


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                Re: Weekly Award winners!

                Congrats guys! :)


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                  Re: Weekly Award winners!

                  Thanks guys. Commanding is a pleasure when I have great squad leaders like the ones we typically have on the TG server. Dirtboy's definitely one of them... so thanks... and congrats Fuzzhead (great job with the internal scrim) and Dirtboy!

                  Talk to you on the "V" channel. LOL


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                    Re: Weekly Award winners!

                    Well deserved by all of those guys! :D





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                      Re: Weekly Award winners!

                      WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO!!!

                      (think arsenio hall show)


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                        Re: Weekly Award winners!

                        Congrats to all!




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