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Password Night Sunday & Swearing

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  • Password Night Sunday & Swearing

    While playing on the TG PR server Sunday night Dec 16th there was a person having the member name of

    "God DamnYouEA"

    I do not think this person should be allowed to play on TG Servers. I did bring this persons name to the attention of the PR admin that night. Under TG's Basic Rules of Conduct in the section of Online Gaming it reads the following below:

    Online Gaming (basic rules of conduct)

    * No swearing;

    It seems to me that typing out a swear in a screen name is swearing. The admin elected to ask me what I thought should be done .. I replied with I just thought I would bring it up to your attention etc. The reason I did this is because the rules ALSO say do not tell an admin what to do just report something .. Anyway, the person continued to play on the server..

    What do you thing about it...

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    Re: Password Night Sunday & Swearing

    If this is intended as a discussion:

    I don't consider it swearing.

    The damning also directed at EA, a company, not a specific person.

    Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is right to do.


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      Re: Password Night Sunday & Swearing

      When there is an infraction by a player on the server, please...

      1) Contact an admin
      2) If the resolution is not satisfactory, contact the Game Officer (Tempus)
      3) If the resolution is still not satisfactory, contact Apophis or myself.

      Going up the chain of command does not necessarily mean the resolution will change... but that is the process for resolving player issues.
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