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  • PR Dev Journal.

    The meaning of this thread is to post updates found in the PR Dev Journal forum. Lots of stuff has already been posted in the 0.7 thread created a while ago by GiJoe, but I want this thread to focus only on news/images/media posted in the Dev Journal.

    Lets try and keep this thread on topic as much as possible.

    Here 's a major update which has just been posted:

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]dbzao View Post
    In PR v0.7 there will be a bunch of new icons, markers and recolors coming from our R-CONs.

    Thanks to [R-CON]Chuc, [R-CON]Geze, [R-CON]AfterDune, [R-CON]AncientMan, [R-CON]Shiftys1023 and others.

    Ability icons

    All those little icons that explain what the kits have were overhauled.

    Landing Zones and Build Order

    The Commander will be able to set Landing Zones (LZs) that will be visible to all squads and help the commander transmit his plan. Also the Build Order can be given to squad leaders to build assets for the Commander.


    At the bottom of the screen, the new compass is more useful and visible.

    It's going to help vehicle crews communicate a lot better where the enemy is.

    Kit icons

    All kits have different icons now. You will know exactly what each player in your squad/team is using in the capslock screen or scoreboard.


    All background pictures and loadmaps were updated to be more informative and just plain beautiful :p

    PR's Message Of the Day

    Say goodbye to "Highway Tampa" :p PR's MOTD will show useful and updated information about PR and other BSS mods.

    Vehicle recolors

    There were a bunch of updates on vehicle skins and you can check out a few bellow.

    There are more updates in this area, so don't forget to check them out when the mod is released ;)
    All I can say is that I can't wait to get my hands on this next version :D.
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    Re: PR Dev Journal.

    Wow, b-e-a-utiful...

    I cant wait to unwrap this present :)


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      Re: PR Dev Journal.


      Great updates :)


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        Re: PR Dev Journal.

        I read it all last night...Good stuff in the "PR Guide" looks like they are already updating it for .7 :)


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          Re: PR Dev Journal.


          Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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            Re: PR Dev Journal.


            Project Reality v0.7 Feature List
            New Commander/Squad Leader Build System:
            Many Improvements have been made to the Commander Building System, making it more intuitive and teamwork centric. Alot of the 'rules' with this system have been tweaked and wherever possible, simplified. The number one change is that squad leaders are now able to place the commander assets. This gives the commander much more flexibility in placement and allows him to concentrate on the battle as whole, acting less like a construction foreman and more as a battlefield commander!
            * There are ZERO ticket costs related to Commander Assets now. Each Bunker/Firebase will still generate 10 tickets every 10 minutes.
            * Squad Leaders can now place Commander Assets, but he must first get permission from commander via the 'Build Order'.
            * The Command Post does not have any build requirements now and will now spawn up to 3 supply trucks (5 min respawn).
            * The Command Post is now deployed in a fully built state, no need for repairs. Only commanders can deploy the Command Post (not squad leaders).
            * AA Guns are now deployed in a fully built state, no need for repairs.
            * Deployment Rules: deploy 1 Firebase & 1 Bunker for every 2 CPs your team owns.
            * Deployment Rules: To deploy a Bunker/Firebase you need: Officer kit, Command Post (not wrecked), be located 100 meter from a Build Order, be located 50 meter from a Supply Truck.
            * Deployment Rules: To deploy Razorwire/AA Gun/Sandbags you need: Officer Kit, located 50 meters from a Supply Truck, located 100 meters from Bunker/Firebase/Command Post.
            * The Bunker/Firebase HUD button is now merged together, which asset that is placed is now determined by the proximity to a flag. Under 100 meters from a CP, a bunker will be placed, over 100 meters from a CP a firebase will be placed
            * Bunkers now have radiosounds to help locate them, Fire-bases do not have a radio sound.
            New Commander Functions:
            We have worked hard to create many new systems that will help commanders give orders to his team and make commander strategies a real possiblity.
            * Commanders can now designate an icon on the map that needs 'Close Air Support'. This is marked as crosshairs and alerts all aircraft that this area needs help.
            * Commanders can now place a laser target on the map, which is
            * Squad Leaders can designate Close Air Support, however it needs to be accepted by the Commander as a valid target.
            * Commanders can now designate "Build Orders" for a Squad Leader to build a bunker/firebase at, this shows up on the map as a supply icon and enables squad leaders in the area to begin construction.
            * Commanders can now place 'Landing Zone' icons that are labeled to help pilots deliver squads to areas the commander has designated. for example "Pilot squad, please drop squad 3 off at LZ Bravo!" will now be a probable thing you will hear in game from a commander.
            * Commanders and Squad leaders can now place map markers indicating 'Need Extract' and 'Need Supplies'
            New Commander Feature - JDAM Area Attack
            * BF2 Artillery has been completely removed
            * JDAM ordinance can now be dropped on targets specified by Squad Leaders. This new system relies on using the SOFLAM laser designator to point out hard targets to be destroyed, and must be approved by the commander. These massive bombs are only avaliable after 1 hour of fighting so they will only be used once or twice during an engagement, but the whole battlefield will be aware when one of these devastating bombs hits a target. This will be a key tool for commanders to break a long standing stalemate and should be used wisely.
            Close Air Support Improvements:
            Most aspects of attack aircraft have been completely reworked and tweaked. There are several new features with attack aircraft but all changes are trying to create a dependence on ground troops to work TOGETHER with aircraft. Without teamwork, attack aircraft will be highly ineffective and useless to a team.
            * Laser Guided Bombs
            * Working SOFLAM unit (carried by officers and spec ops) that works as a laser target designator.
            * Commander/Squad Leader CAS Markers
            * different methods of firing munitions
            * tweaked handling
            * tweaked AA missles tracking, speed and damage
            * tweaked damage system
            * updated flares system
            Transport Role Improvements:
            Being a dedicated transport player has just became a whole lot more interesting, and most of the time, necessary for a teams continued success.
            * Transports will be much more useful now that the places to spawn are limited, allowing a dedicated transport player to really make a difference now.
            * Transport Players will now have a much clearer idea of where squads need to go with the new commander landing zone markers.
            * Transport Players can now easily communicate to squads quickly by hitting the "Vehicle on the way" on the Commo Rose.
            * Supply Trucks can now drop supply crates, which is one of the few places you can rearm at now, making these trucks highly useful in a supportive role.
            * Supply Trucks can now look behind to see their passengers and if anyone is behind them.
            * Transport Helicopters can now drop supply crates, which is one of the few places you can rearm at now, giving transport pilots a new mission if there is currently no one to transport.
            * Transport Helicopters can now look behind to see all their passengers (and now he will know exactly what idiot is firing off the minigun like crazy :P )
            Ammo Resupply System:
            We have finally added a working model for ammunition logistics in Project Reality. A commander will now have to think a bit more about logstics when attacking an enemy. We have removed many of the 'auto' rearming places in Project Reality and made ammunition resupply a much more easily identifiable location and a much more strategic element. Running out of ammo because you have over extended yourself is now a very real possibility, more so than any other version of PR.
            * Removed Ammunition resupply from: Rallypoints, Jeeps, Trucks, APCs, Helicopters.
            * Ammunition resupply is now avaliable at: Commander deployed Bunkers, Firebases and Command Posts, Supply Crates and Ammo bags.
            * Added a new feature to large Transport Helicopters and Supply Trucks: they can now deploy a supply crate that has a large (but not unlimited amount of ammunition). Each truck/helicopter can carry one supply crate at a time, and can reload another one at a nearby friendly bunker/firebase.
            * Removed Kit request and vehicle rearming from supply crates. The supply crates are now very useful for assaulting squads, especially just after they have taken a position and are low on ammo.
            * Vehicles can now only rearm from Bunkers, Firebases and Command Post.
            Spawnpoint Revision:
            We have revisited the spawn system to allow for a much more tactically engaging gameplay. We acknowledge that the gameplay in v0.6 was far more fast paced and arcade like than we thought it would have been, and we have made changes accordingly. This new system puts the spawning capabilities of a team ENTIRELY in the hands of the players. This will promote more teamwork and bridge together the aspects of squad members working together and squad leaders working together, with the commander to form a whole new dimension of Team Work.
            * Removed all Mobile Spawnpoints: APCs, Support Trucks and Squad Leaders.
            * Spawnpoints are now: Squad Rallypoints, Mapper Placed Rallypoints, Commander deployed Bunkers & Firebases and undestroyable fixed spawnpoints at Mainbases.
            HUD Improvements:
            We have made alot of changes to the HUD system to help increase visual awareness and make PR a more visceral and immersive game. PR will now have a much more pleasantly attractive visual appearance that will especially please all those with high end rigs.
            * Removed Minimap from all infantry classes. CAPSLOCK (main) map remains exactly the same for all players. This will now make navigation and friendly identification a larger part of Project Reality. All vehicles still retain their minimap as a navigation aid and friendly fire identifying.
            * New Compass located at the bottom of the screen (always present). This compass now has the bearing displayed in 15 degree increments, allowing much more precise target identification and communication about enemy targets.
            * Removed the Auto-Spotting system, so enemies no longer appear to be 'tracked' on the map. Players can now manually spot the enemy on the map or using the 'Q' Commo Rose, and the appropriate enemy type will display blinking (but not tracking) the enemy.
            * New Spotting messages have been added for 'Spotted Enemy Rallypoint', 'Spotted Enemy Bunker', 'Spotted Enemy Firebase', 'Spotted Enemy Command Post'
            * Squadleaders can now manually spot enemies on the CAPSLOCK map using the right click menu.
            * All New Kit icons for every kit in game! All request and spawn kits now have unique icons so you will know exactly what kit each player on your team has.
            * Brand New vehicle icons on the map. Every vehicle has its own unique icon so you will know exactly what friendly vehicle is located in a position.
            * New Ability icons - all those little icons that show what a kit has have all been redone.
            * All new Loadmaps - All background pictures and loadmaps were updated to be more informative and more more visually appealing, helping players identify the map before loading in.
            * PR's Message Of the Day - we now has their own custom message of the day when you start PR. This will be used to give important information on upcoming releases and other PR events.
            Infantry Kit Improvements:
            We have tweaked infantry kits considerably, we feel that all these changes will bring PR a much more teamwork orientated game. The largest change is our Infantry Weapon Handling Revision. You will now need to stop and take a few seconds to aim accurately. If you fire before taking a few seconds, your rounds will deviate wildly. This is to simulate a soldier taking a moment to steady his grip and breath, and line up a target. This stops the current problem in PR v0.61 of players 'insta-proning' and getting headshots on targets 100+ meters out. Now, players in a prone position who remain motionless will have excellent firing capability, while sprinting players will need to stop and aim before getting maximum accuracy. Here are some additional infantry changes:
            * Spec Ops class has been moved to a limited kit request class.
            * Snipers now have a trip flare they can setup to warn others of enemy movement.
            * added new USMC MARPAT skins from spartan.
            * There are now 2 types of rifleman avaliable on the spawn screen (Scope and Iron Sights), both have small differences that have their own unique advantages.
            * Shovels have been reduced in strength, to reinforce multiple players working together to build structures. To compensate, most classes now have a shovel.
            * Combat Medics have been given additional bandages to help treating the wounded.
            * Combat Engineer class has been given much more powerful C4 explosives.
            * Combat Engineer repair wrench reduced in strength, to remove arcade elements in vehicle combat and bridge repair.
            * Officer kit is now avaliable on the spawn screen. You will need to be squad leader +2 players in your squad in order to select the Officer kit in the spawn menu. You may still request the Officer kit like the other limited kits.
            * Rallypoints now only require SL+2 to be set.
            * Freefalling into water from a tall height is now fatal.
            * Ability to yell 'frag out' and 'smoke out', its now on the commo rose so you wont automatically yell it out everytime like vbf2.
            * Landmines must be deployed in a prone position.
            * All Infantry-carried Surface to air missle systems have been tweaked, considerably increasing their effectiveness versus aircraft (and in particular, jets)
            * All Heavy AT Weapons now have in addition to their 15 second prep time, a targetting recticle which gets smaller the longer one stays motionless. If you fire before the recticle reaches a minimum size, then the missle will fire in a bad direction and can very often kill the user. This is to prevent unrealistic "pop and shoot" tactics and to encourage more teamwork and realistic deployment of these weapons.
            * Militia can now request limited kits like the other armies.
            Vehicle Improvements:
            * All Tank and APC controls have been standardized.
            * All Tanks handling has been tweaked considerably, to allow them to climb inclines much more consistently and to prevent heavy vehicles from 'sliding' down inclines.
            * APC drivers now have 10x zoom option.
            * All Anti-Air Vehicles weapon systems have been tweaked considerably to give them much more lethality versus jet aircraft.
            * All aircraft handling has been tweaked considerably.
            * Large Transport Helicopters now hold 8 players.
            * All Vehicle .50 calibre machine guns now have ironsites.
            * Removed bullet drop from 50 cal projectiles.
            * Many tweaks to vehicles handling and weapon systems.
            * Laser Guided Bomb System integrated, infantry on the ground with a SOFLAM are now required for aircraft to hit ground-based targets.
            * BMP-3 and BRDM-2 have been signifigantly improved in both visual and weapons systems capabilities.
            * All PLA Ground vehicles have been re-textured to give better camoflauge and concealment in a woodland environment.
            * Civilian cars and trucks now come in Blue, Black, Red and White variants.
            * Stationary TOW's now have zoom and 10 rounds (non-reloadable)
            * Stationary AA missles now have zoom and 10 rounds (non-reloadable)
            Map Tweaks:
            * All maps vehicle loadouts have been tweaked.
            * Various tweaks to all maps to include new features, fix exploits and improve gameplay dynamics.
            * Most maps have the following spawn times for vehicles:
            Tanks, Attack Aircraft and AAVs - 20 minutes
            Suicide Cars - 15 minutes
            APCs, Jeeps, Transport Aircraft, Supply Trucks - 5 minutes
            * Al Basrah VCP is no longer captureable. The British can no longer win by tickets, they MUST destroy all the ammo caches in order to win. Insurgents win by dropping british tickets to 0. Destroying an armored british vehicles drops british tickets by 10.
            New Vehicles:
            * Scimitar IFV (2 variants; slatted armor/non-slatted) (GB)
            * Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (GB)
            * BRDM2 Spandrel (Militia)
            * ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Emplacement (Militia)
            New Weapons:
            * Newly modeled M16A4 with ACOG
            * Newly modeled M16A4 with Ironsights
            * New IED model
            * New RPG-7 model
            New Sounds:
            * All calibre weapons have been given a 'distant' sound to them. What this means, is that after 200+ meters, instead of hearing the regular sound of the weapon, you will hear a much more faint cracking sound. Again, its very critical that you have a soundcard that supports EAX, and prefereably a soundcard that you can select 'HARDWARE' to get the most benefits from these sound changes.
            * Most infantry weapons in game have been given new sounds. We hope you like what you hear
            * New rocket fly-by sounds.
            * Many new improved vehicle engine sounds and volume tweaks.
            * Many new vehicle weapons sounds and volume tweaks.
            New Maps:
            * Battle for Qinling (GB vs PLA: Large Full Combined Arms map in a hilly woodland area of China)
            * Fools Road (GB vs militia: large rural forest with open plains)
            Counter-Attack Game Mode:
            * This new game mode is a variation on the standard AAS game mode. Flag CPs are still the objective, however one team is always on the defense in Counterstrike. The team on defense cannot recapture a flag once it has fallen, so they will be getting pushed back. At a preset interval during the round (mapper's choice) the defending team is given reinforcements with tickets and vehicles, and can now begin to recapture the flags they have lost. This game mode will have exciting elements of epic defenses and desperate assaults, as well as digging in to brace for the counter attackers strike!


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              Re: PR Dev Journal.

              Thx Sabre.

              I still have to read all the above, but here 's the full update:

              Originally posted by [R-DEV] JS.Fortnight.A
              The entire Project Reality Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! While this time of year is all about spending time with your friends and family, indulging in your favorite holiday foods, and enjoying all you’re recently opened gifts, we would like to take a moment to step back from all the splendor to remember the active military troops who are currently serving their respective countries away from their homes and loved ones this holiday season. We thank you for all of your sacrifices and pray for your safe return home. PR will be here waiting here for you!

              Now, seeing that it is the Holiday Season and everyone is exchanging presents, the Project Reality Team felt it just wouldn’t be right if we didn't give the public another taste of our highly anticipated Project Realty v0.7 release. So, here is yet another small glimpse at what is coming in PR v0.7.

              New Feature – JDAM Air Strikes
              One of the many new features you’ll find in Project Reality v0.7 is the ability for players to call in Air Strikes on enemy targets. These strikes will be delivered in the form of a 2,000 pound Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM). Needless to say, the last sound an enemy being targeted will ever hear is the roar of the bomb cutting through the air as it plummets down to deliver its unforgiving wraith. Words cannot even begin to describe it, so here is some visual goodness:


              Project Reality v0.7 Player Manual and Change List
              In order to better prepare you for the numerous changes and additions coming in PR v0.7, we are releasing the Official Project Reality v0.7 Player Manual and Change List prior to the release of the Mod. These two documents contain some very helpful information about features coming in PR v0.7. Read through them and you will be sure to be prepared to squad up and hit the battlefield come release day. Time to do a little homework soldier! Click below to download the Project Reality v0.7 Player Manual and the Project Reality v0.7 Change List!

              Also due to the amount of changes that have been made to how jets work in Project Reality to prepare you for the next version, we have made a small 5 minute video tutorial of how one should taxi, take-off, and land the jets in 0.7


              We would also like to show off one of our next maps known as “Fools Road”, which will be a British vs Militia map featuring some asymmetrical gameplay with the British having to push up though the map though dangerous paths and open planes in there APCs trying to push through the militia's tough defenses consisting of many AT Gun emplacements and bunkers!

              As always, make sure you keep a close eye on the Project Reality Forums for more information, updates and of course the illusive Project Reality v0.7 release date. It’s a lot closer then you think…maybe.

              -The Project Reality Team
              I love the jet movie, great work from Rhino himself I believe.

              Boy this new version is going to rock!
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                Re: PR Dev Journal.

                That jet training was pretty sweet. Hopefully it will work efficiently :)


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                  Re: PR Dev Journal.

                  Originally posted by Ghost Dog View Post
                  I love the jet movie, great work from Rhino himself I believe.
                  yep, the video taking / editing didnt take long atall, took me for ever to do the voice overs thou :p


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                    Re: PR Dev Journal.

                    And now Darth Vader himself is teaching :P


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                      Re: PR Dev Journal.

                      Originally posted by [R-PUB]bosco View Post
                      And now Darth Vader himself is teaching :P
                      sofad put a filter on to make it sound like I was speaking over the radio though the mask, which sounded pretty good until it got onto youtube :p


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                        Re: PR Dev Journal.

                        It all looks good. :-)


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                          Re: PR Dev Journal.

                          One can't help but wonder if there isn't a need for a Ground (.9) and Tower ATC kit to help keep order at the airfield LOL

                          Perhaps runway markings and taxiway markings would be appropriate. Also Rhino, if you could add a sequenced strobe for an ILS approach to each runway (and outer, middle and inner markers), that would be HOT!

                          "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
                          |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

                          No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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                            Re: PR Dev Journal.

                            Thats funny, "Please initiate our instrument approach checklist please..." "Where did I put those pesky Approach Plates at?" We also would like a TACAN, WAAS and Blueforce Tracker for the US / Brit side of the game. Some sexy voiced british chick telling us if we are on course or not for the jets and some filthy hag yelling at the helicopters to "Wave Off" because we never get any love from airports in real life, stupid lawn darts anyways. :-)

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                              Re: PR Dev Journal.

                              Do you fly D1sp0sabl3H3ro?




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